DILG to mayors: Ban tricycles, pedicabs from national highways

Are they safety hazards?
by Drei Laurel | Oct 3, 2018
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Should pedicabs and tricycles be banned from busy thoroughfares? The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) certainly thinks so.

DILG officer in charge Eduardo Año recently called for mayors—both in Metro Manila and the provinces—to ban the aforementioned two-wheeled vehicles from plying national highways, citing safety reasons. This comes following reports by the agency's field offices of unregulated tricycle and pedicab operations along prohibited routes.

"For safety reasons, no tricycle or pedicab should operate on national highways utilized by four-wheel vehicles greater than four tons and where normal speed exceeds 40kph," Año said in a news release yesterday.

While the official acknowledged that these vehicles are used by many as a form of livelihood, he says it's still not a valid reason to allow them to effectively become road hazards: "Allowing them on main thoroughfares poses hazards to other motor vehicles, the riding public, and even to the drivers themselves."

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"The regulation of tricycles and pedicabs on national highways is, therefore, to the best interest of everyone," he added.

Besides the obvious safety concerns, Año also emphasized the need for local authorities to follow Memorandum Circular 2007-01. Under those standards and guidelines, tricycle and pedicab operations are prohibited along national highways, and vehicles may not carry more passengers and cargo than they are designed for.

Do you consider tricycles and pedicabs as hazards on national highways, too?

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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