DPWH begins road and drainage works on Espana Boulevard

Project expected to be completed by July 13
May 15, 2014

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - DPWH begins road and drainage works on España Boulevard

Today, May 15, the Department of Public Works and Highways began its round-the-clock roadwork and drainage-improvement project on España Boulevard in Sampaloc, Manila.

According to the agency, the specific area of España that it will work on is between P. Campa and N. Reyes Streets. The construction work is expected to be completed by July 13, or 30 days earlier than the contract duration of 90 calendar days.

"We want to finish this project within a 60-day period, in time for the opening of college classes that moved their academic year opening to August," said DPWH secretary Rogelio Singson.

The project is reportedly one of the government's efforts to alleviate flooding on España. At a cost of P14.3 million, the project involves the improvement of the existing drainage line at the corner of España and P. Campa, and the grade-raising of concrete pavement with a length of 102 lineal meters and total pavement area of 3,310sqm from Lerma to P. Campa. The road-widening between Paquita and R. Papa Streets will supposedly be also undertaken alongside the flood-mitigation project.

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To minimize traffic in the area, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has issued alternate routes while the project is being implemented.

For northbound vehicles:

* from Quezon Boulevard, take A. Mendoza, Laon Laan, Dimasalang or A. Mendoza, J. Barlin, P. Noval, España Boulevard or C.M. Recto Avenue, Legarda, Earnshaw, SH Loyola; and

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* from Taft Avenue, take Ayala, P. Casal, Legarda, Earnshaw, SH Loyola. 

For southbound vehicles:

* from Quezon Avenue, take Kanlaon, P. Florentino/P. Margal/Dapitan, A. Mendoza, Quezon Boulevard (Quiapo);

* from E. Rodriguez Avenue, take Josefina, J. Fajardo, Earnshaw, Legarda, C.M. Recto Avenue; and

* from España Boulevard, take A. H. Lacson, Earnshaw, Legarda, C.M. Recto Avenue, or take Adelina, A. Mendoza, Quezon Boulevard (Quiapo).

In addition to the rerouting scheme, parking will strictly be prohibited along Dapitan, Laon Lan, A.H. Lacson, P. Noval, R. Papa, P. Paredes, J. Barlin, SH Loyola, and N. Reyes.

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