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DPWH manages to repair EDSA's Malibay Bridge without closing it

PHOTO: Google Maps

If only all bridge repairs were as simple as this one.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) says it has dealt with hairline cracks underneath Malibay Bridge in Pasay City, filling them with epoxy and retrofitting the structure to conform to current design and seismic standard.

Didn't notice? Well, that's because the DPWH managed to work on the bridge without ever closing it. Everyone give the agency a round of applause.

“Without closing to motorists, we were able to fix the hairline cracks underneath Malibay Bridge. Cracks due to wear and tear could potentially endanger motorists if left untreated in case of a large-magnitude earthquake,” DPWH secretary Mark Villar said in a statement released on Facebook.

“Our men injected epoxy along the bridge’s hairline cracks. It is then retrofitted with carbon fiber and applied with a protective coating to ensure stability and safety,” Villar added,

The work on Malibay Bridge—considered by the agency as one of its "priority bridge projects" within Metro Manila—cost a total of P10 million. With this, the structure is now more resilient in the event an earthquake ever strikes.

Let's hope the rest of the DPWH's bridge projects go as smoothly as Malibay Bridge.

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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