DPWH uses new lifting technology to rehabilitate Ayala Bridge in Manila

To raise bridge by 0.7m
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | May 11, 2015

Ayala Bridge

The Department of Public Works and Highways has begun its planned lifting of the Ayala Bridge in San Miguel, Manila, using the strand jack technology, a heavy lifting system that is reportedly used worldwide "to lift bridges, buildings and other structures," and is supposedly being used for the first time in the Philippines.

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The raising of the bridge by 0.7m takes place after the agency began the bridge’s repair and rehabilitation works on March 21. Work on the project was delayed after the projector’s contractors found a utility firm’s cables in the bridge’s approaches, forcing them to relocate these.

Other than lifting the bridge, the rehabilitation works for the structure include the installation of high-damping rubber bearings that will allow the bridge to absorb energy in case of lateral earthquake; base isolators that will divide the bridge’s fixed connections to substructures; and roller bearings on the sides of the bridge to make way for movement.

According to DPWH, the last major repair of the bridge was undertaken in 1957, and the cost of its current repair and rehabilitation is P447.95 million.

Photo from the DPWH's Facebook page

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