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If you throw cigarette butts on the road, you're part of this nicotine-filled picture

You'll be appalled at the numbers

Cigarette butts in Bonifacio Global City

First question: Are you a smoker?

Second question: Do you smoke while driving?

Third question: Do you flick your cigarette butt outside the window?

If your answer to all three questions is yes, shame on you. You're part of the reason our country has filthy roads. You think one cigarette butt is harmless? Think again.

Bonifacio Global City has shared with that just inside its property in Taguig City, a staggering total of 70,000 cigarette butts are collected each week in places other than the receptacles provided for smokers. "These are butts we pick up from the streets, tree wells and sidewalks inside BGC," says Joanne Magno of Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, BGC's developer. "The number doesn't include the ones properly disposed of inside trash bins."

Think about it. That's 280,000 cigarette butts a month, or some 3.4 million every year.

And so BGC has introduced the hashtag #BagtheButt to encourage every person inside its property to throw cigarette butts into trash bins.

If you can't think of a way to responsibly dispose of your cigarettes while behind the wheel of your car, don't smoke when you're driving--simple as that. It's not fun picking up another bastard's nicotine stick.


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