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License plate

The Land Transportation Office recently issued Memorandum Circular No. VPT-2013-1772, or the Motor Vehicle License Plates Standardization Program, which outlines the format of the new plate design which the agency will issue for both new and current vehicles.

According to the memo, all private and "for hire" motor vehicles will now have license plates that display three alpha and four numeric symbols. Motorcycles, on the other hand, will have two alpha and five numeric symbols. Diplomatic plates will have five numeric symbols.

Besides the new license plates, all vehicles will be issued a registration sticker that bears the vehicle's plate number and a pair of stainless, 10mm security bolt head screws and nuts with washers.

As for the classification of the plates, it is going to be as follows:

* Private vehicles will have a white background with black alphanumeric symbols, with the region (i.e., NCR) where the vehicle was first registered indicated on it;

* "For hire" vehicles will have a yellow background with black alphanumeric symbols, with the authorized route indicated on it;

* Motorcycles will have a white background with black alphanumeric symbols;

* Government vehicles and protocol plates will have a white background with red alphanumeric symbols, with the name of the agency or office indicated on it; and

* Diplomatic vehicles will have a white background and blue alphanumeric symbols

For vehicles with existing plates, the new plates will be attached within 45 days of the renewal of its registration and after the old plates are surrendered to the LTO. In addition, only the LTO security locks must be used to attach the new plates.

Based on the memo, the cost of the new license plate, inclusive of the LTO security locks but "exclusive of other charges," is at P450 for motor vehicles and P120 for motorcycles.

According to a succeeding memo filed by the LTO, the issuance of new plates for new vehicles will take effect on September 1, 2013. The issuance of new, duplicate and replacement plates for motorcycles, and the renewal or replacement plates for current vehicles will take effect on January 2, 2014.

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