LTO: Use of number 8 protocol plates illegal

The last batch was valid only until 2016
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Nov 20, 2018
PHOTO: Land Transportation Office

LTO law enforcement service director Francis Almora said during an interview that the use of the number 8 protocol plate has been banned by the government agency, and its use is considered illegal.

The number 8 plates that you see are only valid until 2016, as the last batch they had issued are for lawmakers during the 16th Congress, he said: “The year of tenure is indicated in the plate.” The LTO has not issued any number 8 plates for the 17th Congress yet.

“Use of the number 8 plate can be considered illegal at this point,” he added. “We give due respect to incumbent congressmen, and they have only to show the apprehending officer the proper documents,” he clarified. Without proper documentation for the plates, the car can be impounded and the owner fined.

Almora admits that it won't be easy for officers to flag down a car with a number 8 plate, but he says the LTO will still try its best to do its job.

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PHOTO: Land Transportation Office
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