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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - MMDA issues traffic advisory for Black Nazarene procession

With the Feast of the Black Nazarene of the Quiapo Church happening on January 9, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has issued a traffic advisory for motorists who could be affected by the procession.

* Vehicles on España and coming from Quezon City are advised to turn right on P. Campa, left on Andalucia, right on Fugoso, and left on Tomas Mapua to reach their destination.

* All public-utility jeeps and light vehicles coming from España and headed for the South Pier are advised to turn left on Nicanor Reyes, right on Claro M. Recto, straight to R-10, and then left on Delpan Bridge to reach their destination.

* Vehicles coming from the northern part of Manila planning to take the southbound lane of Bonifacio Drive are advised to turn right on Robert Oca Street, left on Delgado, left on Bonifacio Drive (for those headed to the Port Area) or right on A. Soriano to Magallanes Drive, right on P. Burgos, and straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Avenue.

* Vehicles coming from Legarda are advised to turn right on Claro M. Recto or left on Mendiola to their destination.

* Northbound vehicles on Roxas Boulevard and Osmeña Highway coming from the southern part of Manila are advised to turn right on President Quirino Avenue and take Nagtahan Bridge to their destination.

* Motorists headed toward the northern or southern part of Manila are also advised to utilize the stretch of A.H. Lacson to Nagtahan (and vice versa), or R-10 to Roxas Boulevard (and vice versa) to their destination.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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