MMDA to lift number-coding on Oct. 31 for All Saints' Day weekend

Happy driving, then
Oct 29, 2014 Philippine Car News - MMDA lifts number-coding scheme for October 31

With All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day coinciding with the weekend, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority will be lifting the number-coding scheme on October 31, Friday, "to give consideration to motorists who will be traveling to the provinces" for the November 1 and 2 weekend.

Tough luck, however, if you either live or will be driving to Makati City or Las Piñas City on the 31st since both cities will still enforce their own take on the number-coding scheme, which is from 7am to 7pm with no window hours.

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Please be guided accordingly.

UPDATE: Apparently, Makati Traffic has tweeted that the city will also waive the number-coding scheme on October 31.

Photo from MMDA's Facebook page


Makati Traffic on Twitter

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