Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - MMDA upgrades EDSA-West and North Avenue intersections

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has reportedly improved the traffic situation at the intersection of EDSA, West Avenue and North Avenue by widening the roads and erecting "bikini-type" median islands in the area "to avoid vehicle conflict."

The northbound and southbound lanes have been widened to seven and six lanes, respectively, which should apparently ease the traffic in the area.

Other than the road-widening measure, other steps taken by the MMDA to improve the intersection are the rehabilitation of the drainage systems and the installation of 40 LED streetlights along with some bollards and hazard markers.

"This is an opportunity for our agency to put its best foot forward to improve the image of EDSA and Metro Manila as a whole," said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino.

Following the improvements to the intersection, the MMDA Traffic Engineering Center claims that travel speed through the area has increased by 24.86%, while travel time has decreased by 39.24%.

Do you think the agency has done enough to improve traffic flow in the area?

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