Report: PNP says it will soon target heavily tinted vehicles

“We are mandated to enforce the laws on road safety”
by Drei Laurel | Mar 15, 2019
PHOTO: Drei Laurel

Do you still drive around with a dark tint on your car windows? If yes, you’re probably not going to like what the Philippine National Police (PNP) has to say about it.

According to a report by the Manila Bulletin, the PNP is set to crack down on vehicles with heavily tinted windows. The move is in line with the enforcement of the Anti-Distracted Driving Law and Seat Belts Use Act.

“We are mandated to enforce the laws on road safety, yet, there are heavily tinted cars on the streets and we are wondering why these are being allowed,” PNP chief director general Oscar Albayalde says. “How can the policemen, or traffic enforcers, know that the drivers for instance are using cellular phones while driving or they are using the seatbelts if the windshields and windows are heavily tinted?”

Albayalde added that he has already discussed the issue with Department of Transportation (DOTr) head Arthur Tugade.

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This news comes following a memorandum of agreement between the DOTr and other government agencies to strengthen the enforcement power of the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT). Under the agreement, more PNP–Highway Patrol Group enforcers will be deployed to help manage traffic.

“The enforcers are mandated to apprehend violators of some laws, but how can they know if the motorists or those inside the vehicles are complying when they cannot even see what’s inside the vehicles?” Albayalde said.

“These are all in the pipeline, this is just the start of our effort between and among the concerned agencies,” he added.

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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