Starting June 20, you'll be able to pay MMDA fines via SM and Bayad Center

Convenience for Metro Manila motorists
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jun 6, 2016

SM and Bayad Center payment of MMDA traffic penalties

Let's face it: The one thing that sucks when we get issued a traffic violation ticket by an MMDA traffic officer is the inconvenience of having to go to the agency's headquarters to settle the fine. That's the one thing that tempts many drivers to just bribe the apprehending officer. Not all of us have the time--not to mention patience--to drive to Guadalupe and fall in line with other traffic offenders.

That unpleasant setup will soon change.

Today, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority announced that it had partnered with SM Supermalls and the Meralco-owned Bayad Center to allow motorists to conveniently pay their outstanding MMDA-issued penalties.

"MMDA chairman Emerson Carlos has inked an agreement with SM Bills Payment and Bayad Center for the provision of an avenue where motorists can pay the fines of their traffic, anti-littering, no-contact apprehension, and anti-jaywalking violations," the agency said on its Facebook page.

Even better news? This takes effect on June 20, 2016.

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SM Bills Payment is, of course, available in SM malls, while Bayad Center has presence in many bank branches.

Good job, MMDA. This is one fewer reason not to bribe your traffic officers (not that any reason is justifiable to begin with).

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SM and Bayad Center payment of MMDA traffic penalties

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