Video: Another reason you shouldn\'t buy converted cars from Japan

There\'s a reason for the ship-at-your-own-risk clause
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Sep 4, 2013


When you place an order for a secondhand Japanese domestic market car from a gray-market dealer that operates out of Port Irene in Cagayan, there\'s a ship-at-your-own-risk clause attached to it. Well, it seems the very reason such a clause exists can be seen in the video below.

According to Channel V, 64 used cars were being shipped from the port of Toyama in Japan to Vladivostok in Russia. Apparently, the cargo ship encountered a storm as it traversed the Sea of Japan. However, even if tie-downs were supposedly used on the cars, it seems they weren\'t enough to restrict the cars from moving around as can be seen by the broken tie-downs strewn on the ship\'s deck. All in all, 52 cars were supposedly lost at sea--over 80% of what the ship had received when it left Japan.

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So, to add to the usual fears of why it\'s risky to buy used cars from Japan, like the shoddy steering-mechanism conversion, we can probably add \"masilya-filled\" body to the list--that is, if the car you ordered doesn\'t roll into the sea first.

Watch the video closely and you\'ll even see one vehicle roll off the boat.


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