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Change has come in the form of a new policy that is officially implemented today. Care to try something for a change, too? Like how about letting strangers ride with you on your way to work?

We're talking about a technologically assisted way of carpooling (that way, it's made much safer). In case you haven't heard, there's an app called Wunder. A car owner and a passenger going on the same direction are paired together. Instead of having two cars traversing EDSA and traveling to the same area, both of them just ride one car, essentially helping reduce the number of private vehicles on the road. got to chat with Wunder COO Samuel Baker, and Wunder users Arnold Romero and Issa Colmenares. Samuel talked about the Filipinos' reception of the app, while Arnold and Issa talked about their carpooling experience.

So how about having a buddy as you drive to work or trying carpooling on your coding days?

Tracy Carpena
Online Managing Editor
Tracy belongs to a family who loves wheels. Take it literally. The clan digs cars, bicycles and yes, even strollers.
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