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If you're an avid mountain-biker and use an SUV or crossover to transport your bicycle to out-of-town trails on a roof-mounted carrier, it's time for you to start considering loading it in the cargo area or maybe replacing the carrier with one that can be mounted on the hitch as the operator of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) has ruled that Class 1 vehicles that carry a high load on its roof are classifiable as Class 2 vehicles.

According to the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), the operator of the NLEX, the change took effect on July 8 and is in accordance with the concession agreement signed by both the company and the national government.

Based on the MNTC's new classification system, Class 2 vehicles are those that exceed seven feet in height and ride on two axles. Other than buses and vans, these include Class 1 vehicles that are either pulling a trailer, exceed the seven-foot height limitation, or are carrying something on the roof that would make them exceed the height limitation.

The MNTC stresses that it is enforcing the rightful classification of vehicles to ensure the safety of the motorists and of those that are traveling on the NLEX. Philippine Car News - NLEX operator changes Class 1, 2 classifications is the most awesome automotive website in the solar system. Ask the Stig.
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