Over 300 Lamborghinis gather for brand\'s 50th-anniversary grand tour

A sight for sore eyes


In January, Lamborghini announced that it would celebrate its 50th anniversary this year by having hundreds of its vintage and modern cars go on a grand Italian tour from Milan to the Italian carmaker\'s home in Sant\'Agata Bolognese. Well, that time has come and 350 cars and 700 drivers and co-drivers have recently set off from the parc ferme at Piazza Castello in front of the Sforzesco Castle.

According to the Italian carmaker, the 350 participating cars came from 29 different countries, with the most number of cars coming from the United Kingdom with 71, followed by Italy, Germany and Switzerland with over 30 participants each. In addition, there are 21 cars from the United States and 17 from China.

The historic Lamborghini cars joining the tour include three 350 GTs, five 400 GTs, 17 Miuras, eight Espadas, two Jaramas, six Urracos, 15 Countachs, one LM 002, 21 Diablos and 36 Murcielagos. Unsurprisingly, the Gallardo--the most successful Lamborghini model of all time--is the most represented with 123 cars registered among the participants.

As for the 700 drivers and co-drivers, the youngest was born in 1991 and hails from Kuwait, while the oldest is 75 and is a French national.

\"For 50 years, Lamborghini has been the object of dreams,\" said Automobili Lamborghini president and chief executive Stephan Winkelmann. \"Our supersports cars are always on the edge of the most advanced technological innovation. Since our founder Ferruccio Lamborghini first established the company, a characteristic inherent in our DNA is to address the challenge and not overcome it, but to push boundaries to achieve something even more extraordinary. The 50th Anniversary Grand Tour is evidence of the global dimension our brand enjoys today, and the strength of the Lamborghini myth that continues to grow.\"

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