Pilipinas Shell brings back collectible Ferrari cars

This time, the toys come with a twist
Nov 5, 2010

Gearheads and toy collectors--whether kids or kids at heart--will experience more fun, play and excitement in the third batch of Ferrari model cars from Pilipinas Shell.

The latest model cars, which are 1/38th of their real counterparts, have a unique touch steering memory technology that allows users to program up to 15 directional commands for each car. One can input the command using a directional pad underneath the model car, pull back the unit, release it and watch it cruise along the direction it was programmed to take.

All the model cars come with the touch steering memory technology, except for the F2008 since its underchassis is too small to fit in the special chip that enables the steering programming to work. The F2008, however, has a single high-speed motor enabling the car to move forward.

"Shell's partnership with Ferrari is the longest in motorsports history," said Rona Baes, Pilipinas Shell's fuels brand manager. "We take what we learn from the race track to give customers fuel to improve their driving performance. Now, you can see the lighter side of the partnership as we reward our customers with these well thought out collectibles that appeal to all ages. It even makes for an early Christmas gift."

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Check out the gallery below to see what's in store for you at the nearest Pilipinas Shell station.

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