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Arrinera Hussarya

The little that we know of Poland is that the late Pope John Paul II was born there, and that they've got great-tasting sausages. It seems we can now add "supercar maker" to that short list as Arrinera Automotive, a specialist car company based in the country, has just revealed its very first supercar, the Hussarya.

"The Arrinera Hussarya was created for automobile enthusiasts with a passion for fast and beautiful cars," said Arrinera chief executive Lukasz Tomkiewicz. "It's for enthusiasts searching for intense emotions and a massive dose of adrenaline combined with the practicality of everyday solutions. With just a little extravagance mixed in for good measure."

Arrinera Automotive reportedly spent 14 months developing the design of the Hussarya. The carmaker even enlisted the help of the Warsaw University of Technology's power and aeronautical engineering faculty in conducting several tests for the Hussarya, including an aerodynamic test of the car's body structure at simulated speeds of 360kph.

The car's design was dictated by aerodynamics based on the "flow of air streams moving around the body," revealed Arrinera's head designer, Pavlo Burkatskyy. Another proof of the Hussarya's optimized aerodynamics are its two spoilers that also serve as additional air brakes at speeds of over 150kph. Activated by the brake pedal, the spoilers deploy to an angle of 50 degrees to reduce the car's braking distance.

Between August and September, Arrinera is set to introduce a limited-edition model of the Hussarya. Known as the 33 Series, it will be limited to just 33 units and will feature unique equipment and distinctive styling for its interior and exterior to set it apart from the standard Hussarya.

The Arrinera Hussarya will be offered in both left- and right-hand-drive orientation, and is set to go on sale at the end of 2013.


Arrinera Hussarya

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