Repsol gears up for future motorsport competitions

It’s never too early to prepare Philippine Car News - Repsol gears up for future motorsport competitions

The year is far from over but Repsol is already busy working on fuels and lubricants for future engine projects of original equipment manufacturers and motorsport teams.

“In competition it's never over until it's over,” said Jaime Gutierrez Serna, a consultant at the Repsol Technology Center in Mostoles, Spain. “Engines are in constant development, and what you did yesterday will have to be done better today.”

Repsol has been working on competition-grade lubricants and fuels for more than 15 years, first with World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz in his stints with Toyota, Lancia, Subaru and Ford. Today, Repsol is not only popularly associated with Honda in the MotoGP World Championship, the petroleum company is also to support motorsport efforts of other manufacturers like Montesa in the World Trial Championship and KTM in the motorcycle Rally series. Repsol also aided Mitsubishi in the Dakar Rally for several years before the Japanese carmaker decided to shut its motorsports program last year.

With seven full-time and exclusive specialist technologists working in the Repsol Technology Center, the company is deeply involved with the manufacturers and teams on their future projects in developing fuels and lubricants that will power their vehicles to victory.

“Our secret is here, in our experience modifying engines, determining the lubricant formula which works best, and understanding and predicting its behavior,” said Javier de Diego, one of the technicians that work at the Repsol Technology Center. 

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