Skyway extension to Alabang to open tomorrow – report

Time to enjoy a new road
Apr 5, 2011 Philippine Car News - Skyway extension to Alabang operational by tomorrow

Motorists who are in a hurry to traverse the South Luzon Expressway from Makati all the way to Alabang can finally rejoice as the Skyway extension from Bicutan will finally open tomorrow.

The opening of the new road marks the completion of the Skyway Phase II extension that lengthened the original 10-kilometer elevated highway by another seven kilometers, reported.

What will undoubtedly please motorists who use the Skyway daily is that its operator, Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corp. (CMMTC), has said that it will allow them to use the new section without charging a toll fee until April 20.

After that date, CMMTC hopes to implement its new restructured rates. No need to fret, though, because the fee for using the original Skyway section from Makati to Bicutan will go down to P75, P10 lower than the current P85.

For the Skyway extensions from Bicutan to Sucat and from Sucat to Alabang, an additional P47 will be charged for both stretches, respectively, bringing the total toll fee to P169 for those who travel the entire length of the Skyway.

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Meanwhile, cars that enter the Skyway from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 ramp will be charged an initial rate of P50 instead of P75.

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CMMTC is reportedly going to stop collecting toll fees from the Skyway's main toll plaza as the toll booths at the Bicutan, Sucat and Alabang exits will soon charge road usage once its systems go online.

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