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Those who doubt the safety of small cars may be in for a surprise as India's Tata Nano passed the current European front and side impact crash test standards.

Tata Nano units were subjected to tests including a 56 kilometer per hour frontal impact at the one of the testing centers of MIRA, an independent product engineering, testing, consultancy and certification group.

The tests are tougher than those currently conducted in India since the European crash test standards will not be adopted in the Asian subcontinent until 2012, reported.

Tata Motors engineering chief Dr. Clive Hickman said the company was "delighted but not surprised" by the Eurpean test result.

"We've conducted these tests in India already so we knew the car would pass. But it's still a great moment," Hickman was quoted saying in the report.

Tata is also planning to further upgrade the Nano to ensure it passes the European and the United States' new car assessment program standards as it intends to release the vehicle in major global markets.

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