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A unit of the Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, just became the most-expensive vehicle as it was wrapped in gold and silver in time for the celebration of India's 5,000 years in making jewelry.

More than 20 techniques were used to come up with the 14 different styles of jewelry slapped on to the Tata Nano. Listen to what the designers have to say about it in this video. reports that the golden Nano is covered with 176lbs of 22-karat gold, 23lbs of silver and more than 10,000 precious gems and stones.

From a regular price of $2,500, the jewelry-wrapped Nano is estimated to cost $4.6 million or over P202 million.

Got that much cash? Too bad. says the Goldplus Nano is not for sale but it will be displayed in Goldplus showrooms in India. It's not like you'd want to drive something like this on EDSA anyway. 


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