Team Lotus buys Caterham Cars

It's business as usual for Caterham Cars
May 3, 2011 Philippine Car News - Team Lotus buys Caterham Cars

Team Lotus is intent on being taken as a serious car manufacturer and not just as an F1 racing outfit banking on the legendary "Lotus" name by purchasing specialist lightweight sports car manufacturer Caterham Cars.

According to Team Lotus Enterprise, its acquisition of Caterham Cars will not only signal the continued development of the iconic Seven, it will also provide Caterham "with the platform to apply its philosophy of 'adding lightness' to exciting new models for the 21st Century."

Caterham Cars' Seven is a direct evolution of Lotus founder Colin Chapman's two-seater Lotus Seven. Since 1973, Caterham has been responsible for the evolution of the Seven as a car that was originally conceived in 1957 as a "fit for purpose" road-going race car.

Despite its acquisition of Caterham Cars, Team Lotus Enterprise will leave the operations of the company to its existing management team led by current managing director, Ansar Ali.

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"Until now, the resources Caterham has had at its disposal have, naturally, limited the exposure of the Caterham experience and the legendary Seven has had to rely almost entirely on its remarkable reputation and legacy," Ali said in a statement. "However, the acquisition of the company by Team Lotus Enterprise will allow our existing management team to take Caterham's core spirit of pure driving enjoyment to a hitherto un-served audience."

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