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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - After braking your car for you, Volvo will now steer it too

After introducing auto braking as a collision-avoidance feature of its City Safety suite, Volvo will now steer your car for you as part of a safety feature of the next-generation XC90 (not the car in the photo).

"We are introducing the first Volvos with autonomous steering to avoid accidents and make driving more comfortable," said Volvo Car Group senior safety advisor Thomas Broberg.

According to the Swedish carmaker, the new technologies in the all-new XC90 that are designed to steer the vehicle are the road edge/barrier detection and adaptive cruise control systems.

Supposedly, when the road edge/barrier detection system detects that the car is about to drive off the road, it autonomously applies steering torque to bring the vehicle back on track. Volvo claims that the system is a world-first since it's able to monitor where the physical road ends, which, it claims, means that the technology also works on roads without side markings.

The adaptive cruise control, meanwhile, helps the driver stay in the lane and follow the rhythm of the traffic, with the system even automatically following the vehicle ahead.

"When the first XC90 was introduced in 2002, it featured a number of groundbreaking safety features, including a world-first solution that helps prevent rollovers," added Broberg. "By revealing a number of systems for the next-generation XC90, we once again confirm our leadership in automotive safety."

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