BMW is closer to making driverless cars a real-world possibility

Would you trust a car that takes corners by itself?
Jan 7, 2014


Several years ago, we attended a BMW driving event in Europe in which the German carmaker had us try a self-driving sedan around a racetrack. Even then, the system already felt seamless and we were very much impressed by it. Never mind if the technology involved a preset course for the car (meaning that the car moved and changed directions according to a preprogrammed set of automated tasks).

Today, BMW is inching closer to making automated driving a real-world possibility. The company is now taking the concept to a whole new level by employing advanced control technology \"to demonstrate maximum safety up to the car\'s dynamic limit.\"

Judging by the photo, BMW\'s automated driving technology is more than just following a predetermined path--it also enables the car to drive itself and take corners at speed.

Although BMW didn\'t go into detail as to how the technology works, it did say that the system \"actively intervenes in the direction-changing decision-making process and ensures the electronically controlled steering works in perfect harmony with the brakes and the accelerator. As such, they go a crucial step further than current systems, which react to the onset of understeer or oversteer with carefully calculated braking inputs.\"

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It looks like driverless cars are just a decade away. Are you for it or against it?

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