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Smartphone mounts have come a very long way over the past few years…well, for the most part at least. You can still opt for cheap, flimsy, hastily-made knock-offs if you're willing to spend several frustrating minutes pulling your hair trying to install it before each drive (and reaching underneath your seat when it falls off). But really, who has time for that?

If you think about it, a quality phone mount is something well worth investing money in. Basically, it should keep your gadget firmly in place, within your reach and line of sight, and without sacrificing anything in terms of aesthetics. This one mount we came across on Kickstarter though, takes it up a notch a bit.

The Put2Go is a sleek, simple and stylish magnetic phone mount with wireless charging capability. It's a simple solution for all your in-car charging needs. Just how badly do people want this campaign to push through? Well, Put2Go's initial funding goal was pegged at $24,000 (P1.127 million). How much has it made? A whopping $169,000 (P7.933 million) as of this writing—and there's still 12 days until the campaign ends.

Simply mount the device onto your vehicle's A/C vent, place your phone, and the Put2Go's rare earth magnet will do the rest, holding your phone securely as it charges. It is equipped with a ball and socket joint, and is powered by the industry-standard Qi wireless charging tech. What's more, it charges via a 1A output—twice that of a standard USB power source.

This is perfect, especially considering the Anti-Distracted Driving Law is now in effect. If you've already pledged, Put2Go will ship a unit to anywhere in the world by November 2016.



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