Tokyo preview: Suzuki to present small cars

As it looks forward to a 'big future'
Nov 14, 2011

Suzuki will show the world how it's preparing for a future that will most likely be filled with motorists who prefer smaller and more fuel-efficient cars when it unveils its display at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show.

"Suzuki cars for today, the near future and the more distant future will highlight the fuel economy, user-friendliness, innovation, brisk performance, and exciting styling that are possible within smaller dimensions--and the huge possibilities that small cars will realize in years to come," the company said in a statement.

Here are the cars that will be on display at Suzuki's booth, which will carry the theme "small cars for a big future."


This is Suzuki's vision of a next-generation global compact car that offers fuel efficiency and low emissions with its weight and aerodynamics.

Suzuki said the Regina weighs only 730kg. It's designed to run as far as 32km per liter of fuel and its carbon dioxide emissions are at 70g/km.

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This two-seater is how Suzuki defines the future of micro mobility--a concept that is positioned between conventional cars and motorcycles. It is 2.5 meters long and it is suited for travels within a 10-kilometer radius.

"In cities, the Q-concept is more practical than a car as it's more maneuverable and takes up much less parking space," Suzuki said. "At the same time, a cabin makes it a more attractive, more comfortable option than a motorcycle and is designed to be used for the short journeys in everyday life."

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Suzuki said the Q-concept may also be reconfigured as a small family vehicle and even as a delivery vehicle.

Swift EV Hybrid

We've known the Swift for so long but this time, Suzuki is introducing an electric-hybrid version of the compact car.

The carmaker said compact cars like the Swift are usually driven 20km to 30km daily in Japan. As such, Suzuki has designed the Swift EV to cover a similar distance on battery power alone. With an engine-driven generator, the Swift EV can go farther.

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"Compared with an electric vehicle that depend entirely on battery power, the Swift EV Hybrid has a smaller battery that's quicker to charge, uses fewer resources and costs less," Suzuki said.

Something Pinoy motorists can look forward to, perhaps?


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