Top Gear Philippines wins BMW video-making contest

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Thanks to the surge in popularity of social media, more and more companies are resorting to viral marketing campaigns. You know: Make a cost-effective video, post it on YouTube, then hope people will like it so much they will share it with their friends. Little wonder that even car companies have been launching video-making contests for the media, presumably in hopes of promoting their brands through new media.

Well, Asian Carmakers Corporation--the exclusive distributor of BMW cars and motorcycles in the country--recently held such a contest to promote the new X3 premium crossover. The contest was open to all journalists, and its theme was "Make Interesting Happen." There were six entries in all, and we're proud to say that our video has been declared the winner.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

The Battle from Top Gear Philippines on Vimeo.

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