Toyota develops another airbag for rear-seat passengers

Toyota Motor Corp. has developed a new airbag to help reduce damage on backseat passengers in side-on collision.

The newly developed rear-seat center airbag, the first of its kind in the world, is fixed and flushed in a back seat center console.

When the vehicle is struck at the side, the rear-seat center airbag deploys. It acts as a safety barrier to reduce injuries when passengers collide with each other.

Toyota's new airbag will see service in a domestic market model that will be launched in Japan in the near future.

No word yet, though, if the center rear-seat airbag will deploy if someone was actually occupying the center position on the rear seat.

Toyota actively develops and makes available collision safety technology, such as the SRS curtain shield and knee airbags, to ensure its vehicles are more responsive to a wider range of road accidents.

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