Watching drifting can be very exciting

Almost a head-on collision here
by Vernon B. Sarne | Apr 17, 2011

We’re pretty sure not too many of you here saw the opening round of the 2011 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship held yesterday at Clark International Speedway. That’s because we were there and not too many racing fans were present to witness all the slipping-and-sliding action. Which was a pity, because there were several nail-biting moments at the track--enough to make the road trip to Pampanga worth every kilometer.

An example is shown in the video below, which we were fortunate to capture up close. In this sequence, Team R33’s Raymond Ronquillo (yes, Willie Revillame’s car-importing buddy) and Team Yellow Cab’s Ryan Agoncillo (yes, Judy Ann Santos’s baby-faced hubby) were dicing it out in a tandem drift. As they drifted into the penultimate corner, however, both of them were surprised to see another competitor’s car coming from the opposite direction. Apparently, the third car had been released by a marshal from the end part of the circuit to make its way back to the pits--a clear case of radio miscommunication with the other marshals.

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Ryan was obviously so unsettled by the incident that he stopped his car as soon as he realized what was going on. Check out the video (and promise yourself to watch live next time).

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