Winners of 30 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon movie tickets

Was your answer witty enough?

We held a contest on Monday in which 15 readers stood to win a pair of movie tickets each to Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, thanks to Chevrolet Philippines. The mechanics were simple. All you had to do was answer the question: IF YOU WERE BUMBLEBEE AND ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY RODE YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU TELL HER?

The Chief then picked the 15 wittiest answers. You have to know, however, that there were a few really good answers that would have won had their senders included their complete name, which was part of the stated rules. Only answers posted by midnight of June 28 (last night) qualified. Here then are the 15 winners:

1. Careful with my sting! - JOCARL ZAIDE

2. Is my engine overheating or is it just your hotness that's overflowing in here? - LILIBETH LAUSIN

3. Life is too short for traffic, babe--we're taking the highway. -  MA. LOURDES PILAR SAN LUIS

4. Girl, I was designed to be driven hard. Don't disappoint me. - ANDRUS LACBAYO

5. Wow! You don't even have to use the keys to turn me on! - MARK VILLEGAS

6. I hope we get stuck in traffic...forever. - BRIAN ANGELO SORILLA

7. You must be the one to blame for global warming because you're super hot. - ALDRIN DE LA CRUZ

8. Damn! Why can't I transform into a human being? - JOEL LIM

9. You're the one who will light up the dark of the moon. - PAOLO ARNULFO ROSELLO

10. I've got all that I need right here in my passenger seat. - VINCENT CHUA

11. I'm having a malfunction; my crankshaft is getting stiff. - KRISTEL CUENTA

12. Do you have a driver's license with you? I'm asking because you're driving me crazy. - JAN MICAH BERENGUER

13. Damn, you have more curves than a racetrack. - MICHAEL SY

14. My A/C can't handle your heat. - JOE CARLO ALTEA

15. Girl, you just made me pop my hood! - MERLIN GENE ERESE

Winners may claim their pair of movie tickets at the Premier Cinema of SM Mall of Asia, between 7pm and 8pm TONIGHT (June 29). The movie starts promptly at 8pm. Just look for Noreen Efondo or Cathy de Leon of Chevrolet Philippines. You may also contact 0922-8146063 in case you have a hard time locating the above. Please bring a proper identification card.

Thanks for joining, everyone. Enjoy the movie!

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