Another month, another new Bimmer
New month, new Bimmer.SMC Asia Car Distributors (SMCACDC) has been very busy launching new BMW models in our market this year. After launching a new model both in January and February, it's now back with another new one for March:
Just make sure you have a daily
Once almost exclusively unloved/turned into pretend M-Sport cars, now coming into vogue if you can find one that hasn't done moon mileage or needs a full body respray/new sills/dampers/brakes, etc. That makes this generation of 3
Courtesy of Vagabund Moto
What you're looking at is a BMW CE 04 electric scooter reimagined by Vagabund Moto. The designers and custom builders have served up a slice of the bohemian, surfing aesthetic, which is sure to go down a hit in Vagabund's
But when is the Touring coming?
Before the end of 2022, BMW Philippines announced that it will launch a several new and updated models for the 2023 model year. So far, the brand has kept up with that promise by launching the all-electric iX3 by the start
BMW's fastest crossover yet
Earlier this month BMW unveiled the facelifted X5 and X6 SUVs. And so, it'll come as no surprise to see that the X5 M Competition and X6 M Competition have now been given the same treatment. OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE
Looks so badass
The BMW R18 is just a darn good canvas for customization. Over the years, custom bike builders have gone bananas with BMW's heritage bike. In fact, there were even a few builds that surfaced a while back that drive that point
How much of a Bimmer fan are you?
Just be grateful it's not modelled after the XM in a twisted homage of the phone from Trigger Happy TV. BMW Korea has revealed a tie-up with Samsung to launch a Galaxy S23 Ultra 'BMW M Edition' mobile phone.While
But don’t worry, it’s potent
German tuner Manhart isn't really known for its subtlety in modifying cars-it prefers excessive amounts of carbon fiber and garish stickers as its signature approach. Take its MH4 GTR II, for example-essentially it's a BMW M4 CSL with
Double whammy
If you've been anywhere near the Internet the 24 hours, you've probably already come across reports of a German sports car being towed away for illegal parking. Apparently, that wasn't the vehicle's only violation, either.Metropolitan Manila Development
The grille looks quite normal
BMW has given the X5 and X6 a mid-life update, and in a pleasing turn-up for the books, it hasn't messed it up.It's pretty standard facelift fare, if we're honest. On the outside there are new
How’s that for a high-performance wagon
German tuner AC Schnitzer has revealed its suite of modifications for the shiny new BMW M3 Touring, and it takes what is already a supremely fast estate into something that'd feel at home on a racetrack.Well, "at least occasionally," according
It was the brand’s best year yet
The past year was really a darn good one for motorcycle brands. Ducati wasn't the only marque that had a record-setting year (sales-wise) in 2022-BMW Motorrad also had its best one yet.The German manufacturer sold 202,895
Meet the fastest factory BMW M3 to date
BMW has revived an old badge for a new car. Following the 3er Competition and 4er CSL variants comes this, the brand new BMW M3 CS; once a Goldilocks version of one of the best compact performance cars ever built, now a
Meet BMW PH's second EV crossover
Towards the end of 2022, BMW Philippines said that it was launching a whole host of all-new and electrified models for the 2023 model year. Some of the cars mentioned were the iX3, the all-new 7 Series, and the updated
Easy on those 'innovations', okay?
Traditionally, this is the time of year people are down in the dumps. Christmas is a distant memory (if not the calories). New year's resolutions are wilting faster than the naked fir tree stuffed into your wheelie-bin, and for everyone
An absolutely insane build
Believe it or not, this car started life as a bog-standard 1995 BMW 325. Owner Carl Balzer saved this once-dignified German sedan from the scrapyard, stripped it down to its most basic elements and then went to town creating a
Some good news for local buyers
When the all-new BMW 2-Series was launched in April 2022, the model was only available in one variant: The 220i M Sport with a 2.0-liter turbo capable of 184hp and 300Nm.Frankly, that introduction was fine-but the
Is that a hint of E36 we see there at the back?
BMW has resurrected an old name for its new electric car. And this isn't it. This isn't BMW's new, erm, 'Neue Klasse' - a reference describing its game-changing sedans from the Sixties that morphed into what we now know
The M4 is one hell of a choice
Valentino Rossi's been quite busy since he retired from the MotoGP in 2021-except he's been playing around on track using four wheels instead of just two.The Doctor has moved on from motorcycles to cars over the past year,
Looking good
Automotive-themed footwear can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes, their designs try too hard to appear car-centric and end up looking busy, other times there's barely anything resembling the vehicle a shoe is based on in the look.The
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