Explains the growing number of chinese cars on our roads
Still surprised by the rise of Chinese presence in the Philippine car scene? Well, here's what the data say. China's economic prowess has been steadily climbing the ranks of the automotive landscape. Recently, it finally emerged on top-the People'
Here’s a closer look at the mini EV
Did you know that General Motors has been involved in a joint venture with Chinese firms SAIC and Wuling Motors since 2002, building budget cars under the Wuling and Baojun brands mostly for the Chinese market?No? Well, you do now, not
Well, well, well
About a year ago, we saw an all-new Ford Focus unveiled in China. At the time, though, we didn't really think it meant anything for our market. Until recently, that is.See, unbeknownst to many of us, Ford has actually
Brands like Jetour have made quite a big splash
My father, a man born during the Quezon administration, always espoused three things: Be upfront about who you are and what you have to offer, lost time is lost forever, and there's nothing quite like an American car.Never mind that
...Or will it?
Remember the Weiao Boma we showed you a couple weeks back? It was a mini electric vehicle that was about the size of a kei car that's sold in China. Oh, and Weiao somehow grafted and scaled down the face of
There’s no denying its, um, inspiration
The Chinese auto industry has come a long way in the last 20 years. These days, Chinese cars are more mainstream and, dare we say it, accepted by consumers. There are fewer copycat designs these days, but there are still a few
*Roughly $18,000 or 124,000 yuan in the local currency
Ever seen absurdly low-priced listings of totally legit items on online sales platforms? We've come across a few ourselves and proceeded with the purchase just to see what would happen...only to get a frantic message from the seller begging
What will replace it?
As expected, F1 has confirmed that the Chinese Grand Prix will not take place in 2023 'due to the ongoing difficulties' posed by Covid-19 in the country.While the rest of the world has largely moved away from lockdowns
Will this join the bZ4X in our market?
It's going to take a lot more than a futuristic design and a snazzy interior to get people to bite on an EV these days. In many markets, the segment is no longer limited to just moneyed car buyers and eager
Like it?
The Chinese market is arguably the most important one in the auto industry today-so much so that manufacturers the world over are bending over backward to cater to the country's tastes. Even Ford, the most American of American car brands,
The loans have been withdrawn
Two major railway projects appear to have hit a snag in funding after their loan applications with the China Eximbank were withdrawn.In a statement, Department of Transportation (DOTr) undersecretary for rails Cesar Chavez said that the loan applications for the Subic-
Does this mean we might see the arrival of more Chinese EVs in our market soon?
The Philippines has seen the arrival of several new Chinese cars and brands over the past several years, and we won't be surprised if those new arrivals start to shift to electric soon. You see, these carmakers from the People's
The new 3.98km bridge is targeted for completion by 2027
Last month, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) announced that the Philippines has secured a massive loan from China that will help build the Samal Island-Davao City Connector Bridge. Now, the project is officially in full swing.The DPWH,
This could go up against the likes of the Toyota Innova
Say what you want about Wuling Motors-aka General Motors' joint venture with SAIC-but you have to admit the Chinese brand has some enticing offerings in its lineup.There's the incredibly affordable Hong Guang Mini EV, and the weird-looking
The Japanese carmaker has begun the construction of its new Guangdong EV plant
Honda is cooking up something big in the region: The Japanese carmaker has just revealed that construction of its new electric-vehicle plant in China is now underway.This new facility falls under Honda's joint venture in China, GAC Honda. The
Are you in favor of all this borrowing?
The Philippine infrastructure push continues, but don't trick yourself into thinking all these fancy new projects are being built for free.Concrete costs money, of course, and in the case of the upcoming Samal Island-Davao City Connector Bridge, funding is
Want this available locally?
Remember in April when Honda showed off a sportier, chunkier version of the HR-V bound for the US market bound for the US market? Yeah, China's getting it, too. In fact, the vehicle has just been shown off in the
100,000 of these supposedly came from Tesla’s Shanghai plant
The Chinese automotive industry has made strides with electrification over the past few years. It appears that these efforts have bore fruit, as the People's Republic topped global charts in terms of EV exports last year.According to numbers from the
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