The Metro Manila Bike Lane Network has officially been inaugurated
Cyclists and commuters in the capital have a lot to smile about today, as the Metro Manila Bike Lane Network has just been officially inaugurated.This project comprises various protected bike lanes from around the metro, including Quezon City's 93km bike
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President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his final State of the Nation Address earlier today. During his speech, he discussed the transport and infrastructure projects that the administration has taken to improve commuting and travel within Metro Manila.Here's a summary:"We have
What’s your take on this?
Yesterday, Philippine senator Ralph Recto let the Department of Transportation (DOTr) know his sentiments regarding the 'revival' of private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVIC), calling the new guidelines a "mutated variant" and expressing his displeasure over the move. Now, the PMVIC Steering
Avoid all unnecessary travel
Still taking public transportation on the regular? Then you'll want to make sure you're extra careful moving forward, as the Department of Health (DOH) has confirmed the local transmission of the COVID-19 Delta variant.In a statement, the DOH
Uh oh
Earlier this month, motorists were surprised by the sudden revival of controversial Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVIC). Now, a member of the Philippine Senate is expressing his displeasure over the move. In a statement, senate president pro tempore Ralph Recto blasted
All you need is a pet carrier
Any fur parents here who take the train regularly? Good news for you, folks: The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has confirmed that pets are now allowed inside the MRT-3.The announcement comes after a Facebook post featuring a dog aboard the
Keep this in mind when you renew your registration
Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVIC) are back-well, sort of. These facilities never really disappeared, but they were left in limbo earlier this year when authorities decided to remove them as a requirement for Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration. This is
Will this encourage drivers to behave?
The number of cars out on the road isn't the only indication of how well the local motoring scene is doing. You can also take into account the number of motorists heading to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to apply for
Looking forward to trying this out?
The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has some good news for commuters who plan on taking the LRT-2 East Extension when it opens next Monday: Free rides for the first two weeks.This news comes following the project's inauguration, where Philippine
None of us will shoulder any of the P2.8 billion that the agency needs for this
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has its work cut out for it before it can clear its backlog of about 18 million motorcycle license plates. In a recent statement, the agency said that it needs about P2.8 billion to do this.
The agencies’ Service Contracting Program will also be stopped temporarily
The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has been offering free rides to authorized persons outside of residence (APORs) since the start of this pandemic through its Libreng Sakay Program. Unfortunately, the agency will have to stop the implementation of this program-temporarily, at
Not too shabby
Operating a train? Sure, we'd like a crack at it. Not the MRT-3, however, because we've seen its operator's cabin and, to be honest, it looks kind of cramped. Given the choice, we'd like to try out
PMVICs carry out this testing procedure
The Department of Transportation is pursuing the expansion of private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs) in the country to ensure the roadworthiness of all vehicles plying our thoroughfares.In a recent interview with Summit Media editors, agency head Arthur Tugade said he
Will this help incentivize people to get jabbed?
Last month, the US government struck a deal with Uber and Lyft that will see the two ride-hailing companies provide free rides to COVID-19 vaccination sites until July 2021. Now, it appears authorities in the Philippines are mulling over the
Do you agree with this?
Has Metro Manila traffic improved under the current administration? If you ask President Rodrigo Duterte, the answer is a resounding yes.During a recent interview with SMNI News, the Philippine President proudly declared that EDSA is no longer congested. He added that
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