It was the pace car
Driving a motorsport event pace car is like being a football referee, or a special ops secret agent. Because it's one of those jobs that's very important, and yet no one ever tends to notice when you're doing it
Improving fuel economy by 4.5%
Automotive manufacturers are already OCD about stripping weight from a car's chassis, body and interior by using exotic materials, but why not the engine itself? Obvious, isn't it? Well, Ford has had a go, and the results are not to
Hybrids can be fun, too
While there's little doubt that hybrid vehicles and alternative fuels have made great strides over the past few years, plenty of motorists are still reluctant to buy into the technology. For a lot of people, it's because hybrid tech costs
During his 4th State of the Union Address
US President Barack Obama has cited Detroit's recovery as one of the major achievements of his administration. The declaration was given at his 4th State of the Union Address, which many analysts considered as the President's one big chance to
Models or employees? Take your pick<br />
A car show without curvaceous women standing by the automobiles on display, is like an empty, stodgy showroom that nobody wants to enter. I'm not being sexist; I'm just making a personal observation as to what excites the
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