Ladies and gents, meet the new Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition
When Ford first unveiled the all-electric Mustang Mach-E to the world, it debuted with such impressive numbers-nearing 500km of range in one full charge and with maximum power outputs at well over 300hp and 500Nm.The real showstoppers of
It has done just 328km
Must be nice seeing a car you've designed come to life. Especially when it's, oh, you know, a manufacturer's flagship model. Only natural you'd want to own one, too, right?Moray Callum, designer of the second-gen Ford
The Fiesta WRC is shaking
MS-RT, purveyor of what must be the world's fastest-looking Ford Transits, has done it again. For £25,995 (P1.67 million) before VAT, it'll sell you one of these things. It's a Ford Transit Connect (that's
These vaccines will supposedly be allotted for the carmaker’s employees
As Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine inches closer and closer to gaining clearance from authorities, the world is preparing to acquire what could be the key to ending this year-long pandemic.Ford Motor Company, for example, was said to have already
SEMA is going virtual this year
No show floor, no problem. Ford has revealed that it's bringing it's A-game to this year's Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) show despite the absence of actual physical displays. Welcome to the new normal, people.The carmaker is
One of just three hero cars still in existence
Say what you will about anything Nicolas Cage has been in after National Treasure, but the dude was in some pretty great films earlier in his career. For car guys, one movie starring Cage, in particular, comes to mind: 2000's Gone
Range is estimated to reach up to 350km
It was inevitable, wasn't it? Welcome, world, to the all-electric Ford E-Transit, set to go on sale in early 2022.This is a pretty big deal for Ford. The Transit has been around in its many different forms since
We reckon this would be a refreshing addition to Ford Philippines’ lineup
It's been a while since Ford Philippines has made some changes to the EcoSport range. The latest one came in the form of the new Titanium variant that was launched back in January 2019. After that, it's been a bit
Did you know about these secret Ford cars?
Over the years, Ford has unsurprisingly designed hundreds of cars you never even saw. In a new book called Secret Fords, former Ford product designer Steve Saxty delves into the unseen world of prototypes, one-offs, and canceled cars.Here are just
The new-look truck and SUV have surfaced in Thailand
The new Nissan Navara isn't the only facelifted pickup that you'll see today-Ford has also unveiled a new-look Ranger in Thailand.It may not be that substantial of a refresh for the Ford truck, but it gets some
Being new to driving can be intimidating for some
It sounds silly to anyone who's been driving for years, but changing lanes can be a pretty tricky maneuver for newbie drivers. You needn't look any further than driving-school vehicles slowing down to a near halt while trying to
Limited to 24 units
Like the new Ford Bronco? Like big V8s? Then one suspects you will rather like this. Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) has announced its intention to modify Ford's reborn off-roader by furnishing it with a big V8. Fittingly, the car is
Boy, that would be something else
The hype for the all-new Ford Bronco is real, and all the chatter surrounding it doesn't look like it'll die down anytime soon. But amid all the hullaballoo, our resident artist Andrew Guerrero has noticed something odd: Ford Philippines
It’s based on the Badlands four-door variant with Sasquatch Package
Meet the Ford Bronco Wildland Fire Rig. Developed in collaboration with Filson, manufacturer of outdoor gear, two of these go-anywhere models, equipped with firefighting equipment, will be donated by Ford to support wildland firefighters and the National Forest Foundation.Based on
Care for a race truck, anyone?
Mustang GTFord is launching a new racing team in Thailand, and it's hard not to take notice. The new Ford Team Racing (FTR) will make its debut in the Thailand Super Series 2020 at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province, and
The king of the midsize SUVs is ready to shake up the segment
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) shook the market with the recent launch of the facelifted Toyota Fortuner.However, even with the incredibly substantial design and tech upgrades that the king of midsize SUVs just received, it's still not a simple no-brainer
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