It's a great time to be a pickup buyer
Finally. After more than a year waiting in anticipation, we have a specific date for the Ford Ranger Raptor's Philippine arrival. Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for September 21, 2018.Yes, in less than two weeks from now the
Be ready to pull out your wallets
Ford Philippines has announced that it has begun taking reservations for the highly-awaited Ranger Raptor. Our reaction can be trimmed down to three simple words: Take our money.Of course, a reservation is still just a reservation. The Amercian carmaker has
Especially if you drive a sedan
A lot of hype surrounding the Ford 'Raptor' badge has been attached to the Ranger lately. That's all well and good. After all, the Ranger is the only one in the family making its way to our shores anytime soon. We'
It's nearly here
The Ford Ranger Raptor is nearly upon us. To further whet your appetites for the much-awaited pickup, here are six tidbits you might find interesting: Unusual for a pickup, the Raptor comes with racing-style bucket seats for the driver and
It can handle bad roads easily
Australia will always hold a special in my heart. I spent 11 years of my life there, after all. So I always feel right at home when I'm in my thongs (slippers), sinking tinnies (drinking cans of beer) while having a
Raptor, meet Outback
When Ford Philippines announced last year that the Ford Ranger Raptor was making its way to the Philippines, the public naturally got excited. It's been a few years since the country's pickup segment really heated up with the arrival of
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