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We believe the latest generation of Honda’s seven-seater is landing soon
Here are some of our initial impressions
You may have read about our recent adventure with the Honda HR-V-here's the link if you haven't checked it out yet. During that drive, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) gave us the chance to try out both variants of
Quite a lot, actually
We previously wrote an article about how much the full tank of a typical subcompact sedan would cost. Seeing as fuel prices have gone even farther up since our last outing, we've decided to come up with yet another compilation, but
It’s loaded with important features that you actually need
Whenever someone looking to buy a new car asks me what the best subcompact crossover in our market is, I always respond with a question of my own: "Do you really need one, or will a sedan suffice?"You see, while most
Enough for you?
Earlier this month, proponents of vehicle electrification celebrated the lapse of the country's Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act into law. The hope is that with this, significant strides can finally be made towards cleaning up local motoring.One of the law'
Yet another subcompact crossover slugfest
The stacked subcompact-crossover segment just got even more loaded, in case you hadn't noticed. Honda Cars Philippines recently launched the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V, adding yet another entry to the growing list of value-for-money crossovers in
Versus the Coolray, the ZS, and the Corolla Cross
Honda Cars Philippines has finally launched its all-new HR-V. This is the third generation of the Japanese carmaker's subcompact SUV, which now features a more premium-looking design language. In terms of exterior size, it's a smidge longer,
How does the all-new subcompact crossover stack up?
If there is one automaker that's on a roll right now, it's Honda Cars Philippines. Hot off the eleventh-generation Civic's debut, the company has now launched the all-new HR-V. This is the third iteration of the
This model is treading a fine line
If you'd told people several years ago that the Ford EcoSport would meet its swift end on a chopping block in 2022, you'd likely have been met with a couple of raised eyebrows. The model was, at the time, a
Honda’s baby crossover grows up
The current-generation Honda HR-V bows out this year to make way for the third-generation model. The 2022 HR-V boasts a sharper, revolutionary look, along with a new chassis that it shares with the fifth-generation Jazz, City, and
It’s styled very differently from the next-generation HR-V we know
Remember how Honda said the HR-V will supposedly look different in the US? Well, the carmaker has now previewed the all-new subcompact crossover in the States, and it indeed looks very different from the one we'll be getting in
The top-spec variant could be priced at P1.6 million
It's been more than a year since we first laid eyes on the next-generation Honda HR-V, and we understand if you've grown impatient waiting for this new model to arrive. Good news for you, though, as Honda Cars
Do you dig this look over the one in Asia?
Last year, Honda revealed the all-new HR-V, showing off a crossover with a more stylish look and a considerably more premium vibe to it. According to the brand, the refreshing new aesthetic was the result of discussions with consumer groups.
“A mature and sensible addition to the tightly packed crossover landscape”
This is the new third generation of the Honda HR-V, which started out back in 1998 as a super-cool, three-door soft-roader for the surfing crowd, went quiet for seven years, then came back as a slightly more conventional
Which car did better, though?
Chinese-made cars have certainly come a long way in terms of design, performance and, perhaps most important, reputation. You don't need to look much further than the local success of the Geely Coolray and the MG ZS for proof. But
Would you dress up your next-gen HR-V with this?
Honda has confirmed the powertrain in its new hybrid HR-V crossover. And it's bad news, fans of going moderately fast, because the HR-V's combination of electric and 1.5-liter petrol power yields 129hp and 253Nm. Around 20hp
Over 10,000 units—including 90 Civic Type Rs—are affected
Any Honda customers out there? Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has just issued a voluntary recall of over 10,000 units-you might want to check whether your vehicle is affected or not.The recall is to replace fuel pumps of select 2018-
It wasn’t just about creating a stylish crossover
The design of the Honda HR-V has drastically evolved over the decades. The first-gen model had this boxy, awkward look to it, while the second-gen model-the one we currently have in our market-has this sporty, modern styling.
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