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Which of these subcompact crossovers offers the best value for money?
Is the price increase worth it?
The difference in price between the base-level and mid-spec 2023 Honda HR-V is pretty significant. To be exact, the latter is P399,000 more expensive-but it does have one major advantage over its more affordable sibling in the
No turbo, no problem?
Okay, so we might be jumping the gun here-but we think the all-new Honda HR-V is easily one of the most intriguing subcompact crossovers to enter the market over the past couple of years.Think about it: Performance, looks,
Are you waiting in line for a unit?
Big year for the HR-V here in our market. The all-new model made its debut earlier in 2022, and just several months later it saw the addition of a new variant to the roster. Great news, right? The unfortunate part
The all-new Ford Territory has also landed in Mexico with a 1.8-liter EcoBoost
These two models performed well during crash tests
Long gone are the days when smaller vehicles are viewed as less safe than their more sizable counterparts. Thanks to improved build quality and advancing tech, passengers' chances of walking away from crashes in something like a subcompact have improved considerably.Honda'
The announcement of the all-new BR-V's impending arrival isn't the only headline at Honda's 2022 Philippine International Show (PIMS) display.If you're planning on buying a brand-new Honda HR-V but, for some reason, have
The brand is spicing this crossover up
Have you been iffy pulling the trigger on a brand-new crossover? Well, this news might help you come to a decision.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has announced that the 2023 Honda HR-V RS Turbo will be part of its display
*In certain conditions
The cycle of fuel prices goes up and down, and may be this way until certain warring nations settle down. But fuel-efficient cars will always be a draw because inflation is forever. And when it comes to automotive brands, Honda is
We believe the latest generation of Honda’s seven-seater is landing soon
Last year, the all-new Honda BR-V made its global debut in Indonesia, and recently, the small seven-seater was also launched in Thailand. We think this could be a sign that the latest iteration of the BR-V could be
Here are some of our initial impressions
You may have read about our recent adventure with the Honda HR-V-here's the link if you haven't checked it out yet. During that drive, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) gave us the chance to try out both variants of
Quite a lot, actually
We previously wrote an article about how much the full tank of a typical subcompact sedan would cost. Seeing as fuel prices have gone even farther up since our last outing, we've decided to come up with yet another compilation, but
It’s loaded with important features that you actually need
Whenever someone looking to buy a new car asks me what the best subcompact crossover in our market is, I always respond with a question of my own: "Do you really need one, or will a sedan suffice?"You see, while most
Enough for you?
Earlier this month, proponents of vehicle electrification celebrated the lapse of the country's Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act into law. The hope is that with this, significant strides can finally be made towards cleaning up local motoring.One of the law'
Yet another subcompact crossover slugfest
The stacked subcompact-crossover segment just got even more loaded, in case you hadn't noticed. Honda Cars Philippines recently launched the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V, adding yet another entry to the growing list of value-for-money crossovers in
Versus the Coolray, the ZS, and the Corolla Cross
Honda Cars Philippines has finally launched its all-new HR-V. This is the third generation of the Japanese carmaker's subcompact SUV, which now features a more premium-looking design language. In terms of exterior size, it's a smidge longer,
How does the all-new subcompact crossover stack up?
If there is one automaker that's on a roll right now, it's Honda Cars Philippines. Hot off the eleventh-generation Civic's debut, the company has now launched the all-new HR-V. This is the third iteration of the
This model is treading a fine line
If you'd told people several years ago that the Ford EcoSport would meet its swift end on a chopping block in 2022, you'd likely have been met with a couple of raised eyebrows. The model was, at the time, a
Honda’s baby crossover grows up
The current-generation Honda HR-V bows out this year to make way for the third-generation model. The 2022 HR-V boasts a sharper, revolutionary look, along with a new chassis that it shares with the fifth-generation Jazz, City, and
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