Deals on the Universe and the County are available
Hyundai Asia Resources (HARI) is offering some massive discounts this month, but this time for its commercial-vehicle lineup. For those in the market for large people-haulers, this is something you might want to take a look at.From today until
We take a quick side-by-side look at these two compact pickups
The compact-pickup segment is buzzing. A few months back, Hyundai officially unveiled its first-ever pickup, the Santa Cruz. Then, just this week, Ford pulled the wraps off the new Maverick.Now, a lot of you are probably wondering which of
We wonder what nameplates will get the axe
If a recent report by Reuters turns out to be true, it's only a matter of time before internal combustion engines (ICE) start disappearing from Hyundai's lineup.Sources close to Hyundai have told the news outlet that the South Korean
The Korean carmaker has done its homework
The Ioniq 5 is a curious piece of design from Hyundai. Curious as in you don't immediately forget about it the second you look away. It's edgy and retro and interesting. We love it.What's especially clever is how
*Not in the Philippines, unfortunately
The EV landscape was different in 2018, when the Hyundai Kona Electric first went on sale. Right-hand-drive Tesla Model 3s were still a long way off, so the only EVs on offer with more than 320km of range were the
This is the 41st dealership under HARI and the sixth under Hyundai Alabang, Inc.
Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) is starting the month on a high note with the opening of its new dealership: Hyundai Silang.Officially opened on April 30, 2021, Hyundai Silang is now officially HARI's 41st dealership and the sixth under the
Brazil-based artist Kleber Silva renders his vision of an N model pickup
Hyundai's new pickup has made waves around cyberspace since its unveiling. No surprise, really, because apart from the fact that the Santa Cruz is Hyundai's first-ever truck, this compact ute's styling can no doubt turn heads.But with
Think of it as an i30N on stilts
Did you know today-April 27-is Hyundai N Day? Comes around quicker every year. Hopefully, your tree is up and the carols are on.We'd forgive you if you forgot to send cards, though, because it's the first N
So, is it any good?
The Ioniq 5 might look like an '80s hot hatch mixed with a dash of concept car and a splash of DeLorean, but what we have here is Hyundai's first completely bespoke EV. Target? Sideswipe Tesla, mug the Volkswagen ID family,
One of the hottest hatches around?
Hot hatches aren't really a thing here in the Philippines. But in other markets? There are quite a few of them worth checking out.One of the supposed hottest right now is the Hyundai i20N. On paper, it's clear why,
The one-minute clip premiered on Earth Day 2021
Hyundai truly believes hydrogen fuel-cell systems are the way forward. And for this year's Earth Day celebration, the Korean carmaker has decided to launch its new hydrogen campaign film.The one-minute clip is entitled For Tomorrow We Won't
We compare it with the Toyota Hilux and other Hyundai SUVs
Hyundai surprised the world a few days ago when it unveiled its new Santa Cruz compact pickup. Many of you are probably wondering just how small this model is versus the midsize trucks we commonly see on our roads.Let's find
Hyundai has officially pulled the wraps off its US-bound truck
It's official: Hyundai has a pickup now. The carmaker has finally revealed the Santa Cruz, its newest entry to the truck-heavy US market.The Santa Cruz debuts with a very sleek and sporty design that we've been seeing a
Remember this?
How cool is this? It's a first-generation Hyundai Pony that's been thoroughly modernized by Hyundai's own designers. Not just a model, but (we're led to believe) an actual first-gen Pony painstakingly disassembled, re-engineered, and then
Looking forward to a local release?
Okay, admittedly, there's still no confirmation that the recently revealed Hyundai Staria will make it to the Philippines. But can you seriously imagine any scenario where the Korean carmaker doesn't bring in the follow-up to one of the market'
A 268hp, 331Nm gasoline powertrain will also be available
We're really starting to think that the Staria could be the next big hit for Hyundai in our market. Style? Check. Up to nine seats available? That's two checks. Diesel engine? Make it three.See, Hyundai has just revealed more
To be launched in India soon
Hyundai recently gave us a look at the sketches of its upcoming seven-seater SUV in India, the Alcazar. Now, the Korean carmaker is giving us a glimpse of it in its full production form.Hyundai says the SUV draws inspiration "from
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