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Are you familiar with this technology?
The next big thing in vehicle cabin comfort and NVH reduction has been developed by Hyundai, and it comes courtesy of technology found in those fancy headphones you carry around with you everywhere.If you're familiar with the Sony WH-1000XM3
The ‘affordable’ Korean sports car
In 2009, the Genesis Coupe entered a Philippine market starved of affordable rear-wheel-drive sports cars, the last being the Nissan Silvia, which entered in tiny numbers a decade earlier. The Hyundai was a surprise hit. And within a few short
Don't you dare call it a Hyundai
Genesis--Hyundai's luxury brand (like Toyota's Lexus, Honda's Acura and Nissan's Infiniti)--has just introduced the second model in its young existence. You will recall that the new brand unveiled the G90 full-size sedan back in January.
Is this luxurious enough for you?
Last week, we reported that Hyundai would be launching its very own luxury brand called Genesis. According to that story, the upscale Korean brand, created in the same vein as Lexus, Acura and Infiniti, will have a unique identity to set it
Hyundai now has a luxury brand
The dictionary defines the word "genesis" as "the beginning." The Christian Bible has the Book of Genesis, which talks about the origin of creation. And now, Hyundai has launched its new era in luxury motoring via a sub-brand by the same
Without leaving planet Earth
Hyundai takes automotive marketing to another level with its "New Thinking" approach as it attempted to send a 13-year-old girl's message to her father in space. And it did so without leaving planet Earth and by setting a Guinness
What is it?
From Hyundai USA's Instagram account; follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram
Carmaker's first ever from prestigious body
After Kia bagged numerous Red Dot Product Design Awards for some of its vehicles from 2009 to 2013, sister car brand Hyundai is reportedly the latest recipient of the prestigious accolade.This year's jury of 37 experts from 24 countries--including
Start your car without even touching your smartphone
Yesterday, we reported that technology giant Google has formed an alliance with four carmakers--Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai--that will see its Android operating system being introduced to cars sometime this year.Well, we may have found which one of
Sleeker exterior compared to first-gen model
Last month, Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Company teased us with image renderings of the all-new, second-generation Genesis luxury sedan. This right here is the official production version as presented by Hyundai yesterday in Seoul, South Korea.According to Hyundai, there
Five years after launching 1st model
In 2008, Korean carmaker Hyundai shocked the motoring world by introducing an ambitious luxury RWD sedan called Genesis (not the sedan version of the Genesis Coupe, by the way). The critics sneered when Hyundai revealed the German sedan against which the Genesis
Korea beats Germany and UK in the battle of the best midsize premium sedans
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