More car buyers are embracing electrification
You lot were pretty impressed by Hyundai's new all-electric Ioniq 5. So were a lot of people, by the sounds of things. The company has confirmed that since the car was revealed on February 23, it has received a whopping
This is the first vehicle to debut under Hyundai’s new sub-brand
The future of Hyundai's EVs is here: Say hello to the new Ioniq 5, the first-ever vehicle to debut under the Korean carmaker's new sub-brand.We got a glimpse at the Ioniq 5 at the start of the
Can you guess why?
Last March, Hyundai Motor Corporation introduced Ioniq as a platform for its standalone brand dedicated to the brand's electric vehicles. According to the carmaker, over the next four years, three new electric vehicles will be launched under this sub-brand. And
The future’s looking electric
The recently concluded 2019 Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) has been an eventful showcase. Thanks to all the companies that participated, we got a good look at what the future of the automotive industry may look like.As many of you probably
And so did two other vehicles
The Toyota Rush hype is in full swing right now following its recent Philippine launch. If you haven't decided yet whether you like the entry-level SUV or not, then this bit of news might sway you one way or
Cleaner, connected and efficient mobility
Two of the biggest players in the Asian transportation sector are teaming up to fulfill their vision of a clean, connected and efficient future for mobility.Hyundai, South Korea's biggest automaker, and Grab, Southeast Asia's leading app-based ride-hailing
So, what makes it special?
The world is no stranger to hybrid vehicles. We've heard of nameplates like the Chevrolet Volt, the Honda Insight and, of course, the Toyota Prius. Now, Hyundai is set to join the fray with its innovative Ioniq hybrid.The sleek and
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