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There’s another new Jag in the market
There are actually two new Jaguars being introduced to our market today. Alongside the new F-Pace we wrote about earlier, Coventry Motors Corporation has now also introduced the 2021 XF.The new XF looks fresh, with a more refined front fascia.
“Whether it's enough to reverse the drift toward market indifference is moot”
Is the executive sedan having an existential crisis? Well, the words 'executive sedan' are a tough sell: In these strangest of times, the idea of ascending the corporate ladder and rewarding yourself with a large-ish four-door car seems more outdated
In celebration of Chinese New Year
Local Jaguar Land Rover distributor All British Cars (ABC) is in a giving mood for the next couple of weeks.In celebration of Chinese New Year, the company is slashing up to over P1 million off select Jaguar Land Rover vehicles until
Cleaner and more powerful
Jaguar just took a step toward making its lineup more appealing to the environment-conscious. The British car manufacturer has added a new mild-hybrid powertrain to the XE and XF lineups, providing the vehicles with a boost in performance with fewer
It features the Aston Martin DB5 and the Jaguar XF
Itching to finally see No Time To Die on the big screen? You're not alone. We've already gotten a good dose of all things 007 since we saw that trailer back in December, and we just can't wait for
Check out the long list of deals
The arrival of the Jaguar I-Pace and the Range Rover plug-in hybrid EVs isn't the only big announcement Coventry Motors (CMC) has for July-it also has a massive promo available until the end of the month.And when
And luxury brands are eager to provide
China is a potential goldmine for carmakers--so long as they're prepared to make cars that conform to the country's individual tastes. Which is why we've noticed a bizarre trend for long-wheelbase versions of not-very-long cars
The backseat is pure bliss
In a few days, Jaguar Philippines will be launching its latest offering in our market, the XE. People are calling this the brand's hot new sports sedan. It's expected to do great things for the marque, and we have no
The Brits get first dibs, of course
When the all-new Jaguar XF was unveiled a few months ago, the carmaker hired British stuntman Jim Dowdall, a veteran of such action-film franchises as Bourne, Indiana Jones and James Bond, to take the wheel of the new XF. He
Joins XF and XJ in sedan line
Jaguar has revealed the name of its compact sport sedan, and it's "XE." It will be launched globally in 2015.According to Jaguar, the XE will be its first product to be built on the new advanced aluminum architecture, which was
Get in, drive fast, repeat
I've always had a soft spot for Jaguars. The British marque has had its own stamp on luxury, and you could always be pretty sure that there weren't too many of them prowling around the city unlike your usual German
2nd JLR model to be built here after Land Rover Freelander 2
Jaguar Land Rover has begun the production of the Jaguar XF at its Pune facility in India using parts that were shipped from the British carmaker's Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham, United Kingdom."India is a market that offers significant opportunities
Powered by a 542hp V8 engine
Jaguar has finally given us a complete look of its XFR-S high-performance luxury sedan, which the British carmaker calls "the fastest, most powerful and most agile sports sedan Jaguar has ever built.""Sporting character is evident in all Jaguar sedans,"
Built to support launch of XF Sportbrake
Designing boats seems to be the "in" thing among luxury carmakers nowadays. Following Mercedes-Benz's revelation that it'll be designing a yacht with Silver Arrows Marine in September, the latest luxury car brand to jump into the boat-designing business
Faster yet more fuel-efficient
As if the Jaguar XFR isn't fast enough with a top speed of 250kph, the British carmaker is making its executive car go even faster by offering a new optional Speed Pack for it.With the Speed Pack, the 504hp XFR
Let's hope we get it here soon
For its 2013 models, Jaguar will introduce its all-wheel drive system to the XF and XJ model ranges. Apparently, Jaguar's renewed foray into all-wheel drive was brought on by Jaguar owner Ratan Tata when the British carmaker's dealers
One angry station wagon
Jaguar will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the station wagon variant of its midsize sports sedan in the XF Sportbrake which, according to the British carmaker, "represents a compelling combination of elegance and capability--both practical and dynamic."Sharing the same
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