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Technically, this is allowed
Back in October 2022, I renewed my driver's license at a Land Transportation Office (LTO) satellite branch. While I was able to avail myself of the 10-year license, the real highlight of my new ID was the photo on it.
As well as penalties for driving schools that violate the prescribed fees
As reported earlier this week, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is setting standard rates for driving school fees, taking into account the schools' investment and operating costs as well as the local minimum wage, rent, and electricity costs.The agency has now
Good news
To get a driver's license here in the Philippines, one would have to enroll first in a driving school accredited by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). While that's all well and good, the issue that many have with this is
Isumbong Mo Kay Chief!
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has launched an online complaint form called Isumbong Mo Kay Chief! in a bid to speed up the submission of public grievances, comments, and other suggestions in improving the agency's services."Alam po namin sa LTO
But no official rates just yet
Enrolling in a driving school isn't exactly cheap. Should you apply to a reputable and respected one, you're looking at around P3,000 at the very least. Of course, that will depend on what kind of course you will take,
A 90-day suspension, to be exact
If you spend enough time on social media, then chances are, you've seen all the viral videos and photos that made the rounds on cyberspace the other weekend from the 2023 BMW Owners Society of Saferiders (BOSS) Ironman Motorcycle Challenge. A
Transport groups to stage ‘tigil pasada’ starting next Monday
About a week ago, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) announced a new deadline for the total phase out of traditional jeepneys. That date was set for June 30, 2023, following several extensions that the agency gave prior. But despite
A pretty huge development
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has been rolling out new initiatives to make the motor vehicle registration renewal process easier and more seamless for motorists. The recent opening of the drive-thru renewal centers in southern regions are a good example.Now,
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has fined eight vehicle dealerships for failing to register vehicles in a timely manner.In a statement, the agency said that the dealerships were fined as much as P20,000 each for not being able to accomplish
Will this help assure compliance?
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is putting local car dealerships on notice.The agency has released a memorandum asking car dealers to keep the processing time of motor vehicles on display inside their showrooms. The LTO wants this information put up "prominently"
Here’s the latest from the LTO
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently released a list of available replacement plates for vehicles registered in Region X. Now, the agency has put out a new list for Region VIII.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:LTO to revoke license of
The owner of the SUV could be charged with Reckless Driving as well
The last time we were here talking about that incident in Mandaluyong City, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) had only issued a suspension on the driver's license of the alleged suspect. Now, the agency is working on revoking that license.The
They will soon be able to accept on-the-spot payments in the future as well
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) under its new leadership is working on the full digitalization of its operations. Part of this initiative is the shift to using new handheld devices to issue electronic Temporary Operator's Permits (e-TOPs)The agency recently
The list isn’t in alphabetical order, though
Is anyone here still waiting for their license plates? Is that a resounding 'yes' we hear? Well, if you live in Region X, we have some good news for you.The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has just released an updated list of
Could we use these in Metro Manila?
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) continues to open more drive-thru registration renewal centers across the country. After the last one opened in Camarines Sur, another one has now opened in Sorsogon City.According to LTO chief Jay Art Tugade, registration renewal
Justice served
If you own a Facebook account and drive a car, chances are you've already come across fixers advertising their services in various groups. That's how rampant the country's fixer problem is. These dudes aren't even subtle about their
Are you in favor of this?
Metro Manila's traffic system is about to get a major overhaul.In a statement, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) shared that it-together with officials from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)-has approved the final draft of the Metro Manila
It’s really not that hard
Do you have a Land Transportation Office (LTO) Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) account yet? If not, you kind of need one-at least if you hope to drive around these parts legally.This is because creating an LTO LTMS account is
The owner gets a 90-day suspension on his license, the drivers surrender theirs
Yet another road incident went viral earlier this week-we're sure many of you have already seen that one. It wasn't a pretty sight. It's the clip showing what appears to be a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 going bananas
Uh oh
A driving school in Palawan is in hot water following complaints about how it conducts its theoretical driving course and driving enhancement programs.In a statement, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that the driving school has been suspended for 30 days
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