Is the 'usership' experience for you?
Owning a car isn't for everyone. That said, getting around is""and if you're looking to do so in style without fully committing to car ownership, Toyota's Kinto One leasing program might be a convenient way to go about
No Vibranium here, people. Just a fresh exterior wrap job and some neat gold trim-but we rather like what Adidas' S.E.E.D students and Lexus have come up with for the RX500h.Designers could have easily gone the tacky
Anyone else excited for Black Panther 2?
In the Marvel universe, Wakanda is considered one of the most advanced military powers on the planet. If the past several Marvel films haven't made it apparent enough, the nation relies heavily on technology for this superiority, too.That said, we
Got about P11 million to burn on a lux SUV?
The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series has been success in the Philippines. If anything, loaded SUV shoppers are even willing to wait over a year to drive home their Land Cruiser from their nearest Toyota dealership. Heck, the wait times abroad are
Now with a limited-slip differential
The local-spec Lexus IS lineup just got a major upgrade.Lexus Philippines has announced the introduction of the 2023 IS350 F Sport, providing premium car buyers with a sportier option in the brand's luxury sedan stable. The new entry costs
Find out how much this hybrid costs inside
Toyota isn't the only manufacturer that's been busy injecting hybrids into its Philippine lineup. Lexus, the brand's luxury counterpart, has been bringing cleaner offerings in as well.The latest hybrid to become available courtesy of Lexus Philippines is the
The Japanese luxury brand is going green
Lexus Philippines has just announced that an updated version of its UX subcompact crossover is now available in the country. Like its stablemate, Toyota, the Japanese marque is determined to provide more environmentally friendly options for our market. In line with that,
Who said vans can't be cool?
When it comes to vans, nobody really buys one because it's the cool thing to do. For the most part, people buy them for practical purposes, and not much else. But just because vans are built for purpose, it doesn&#
Let’s hope
Lexus is continuing with the development of what we-and Lexus-are happy to call the "LFA successor." It was shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, albeit as a concept, the Electrified Sports. But a production car will be a thing,
Is this the big break the local EV market has been waiting for?
Slowly but surely, electric-powered offerings have begun trickling into the Philippine auto market. That said, we're still a long way from saying the technology has planted its roots locally.Next year, though, the local EV industry might finally be getting
Wald has added more menace to this SUV
The Lexus RX is a sensible hybrid SUV made by a sensible company that trades on cast-iron reliability and technology. And, once upon a time, mad V10-engined supercars, but we digress.A tuner in Japan known as Wald International has
Not even the Japanese giant is immune
If the lack of Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 and Lexus LX units didn't make it apparent already, not even Toyota is immune from the supply chain and economic woes. Now, a report by Nikkei Asia shows just how big of a
Is the Lexus RX 450h just hybrid hype or the real deal?
Let's be real here: Hybrids still haven't taken off like they should have in the Philippines. You can pin it on high purchase prices of the cars, a devotion to diesels, or even misconceptions about the hybrid system. While it'
Put your headphones on
If you're an avid follower of Top Gear Philippines and our various content, then you may have seen our previous showcase of the Lexus LFA-we're shamelessly plugging it here in case you haven't seen it yet.The LFA
Perfect for Father’s Day
Do you want to see the latest Lexus models but Bonifacio Global City, where the Lexus showroom is located, is surrounded by gridlock? Don't fret, because Lexus Philippines is showing off its hottest cars in a slightly more accessible venue. From
The brand is on a hot streak
Lexus has been a roll when it comes to its crossovers recently. The RZ, Lexus' first-ever global EV, was a thing to behold. And then not long after, the refreshed UX was unveiled.Now? The brand is making changes to the
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