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And we love it
When a car manufacturer says it's collaborating with a fashion brand or designer, the end result is usually, well, stylish. This one Lexus has revealed for the LF-Z Electrified concept is, well, borderline absurd, with its mishmash of loud colors
The premium midsize sedan is now quieter, more comfortable, and safer than ever
This year's Auto Shanghai is in full swing, and as promised, Lexus has officially unveiled the new ES.Let's talk design first. The changes aren't drastic, but they are tasteful. The headlamps are as aggressive-looking as ever, but
It’ll debut alongside the LF-Z Electrified at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2021
Lexus recently gave us quite the treat with the reveal of the LF-Z Electrified. Now, we've just received word that we're going to see more of this concept at the upcoming Auto Shanghai.The big news, though, is that
It actually takes 4.6sec, and that’s long enough for things to go sideways
To those of you who often use your phone while driving, Lexus has a question for you: How long do you think sending or receiving a message takes? One second? Two? Or at the most, three? Wrong.Actually, it's way, way
Capable of 0-100 in 3sec
Lexus went big on hybrids, and did well on them. Then it kinda...stalled. Here's a concept-car version of the first of its new phase of all-electric cars.The plan is to use this not just as one car,
One of the classiest cars in the business
Yeah, we know Metro Manila traffic hasn't reached pre-pandemic levels yet. EDSA's packed at times, but it still isn't that packed. If you're looking for something a little more premium to be stuck in traffic in once
*Sort of
Remember the concept car Lexus gave us a glimpse of a while back? Well, the Japanese carmaker has now given us a better look at this soon-to-be-revealed vehicle. Well, sort of.To be fair, while we don't get
Only 500 will be made
Lexus vehicles aren't just about luxury or performance. Status sometimes comes into consideration when someone looks into buying one, too. If you're someone who's considering pulling the trigger on the IS500, the brand is coming out with something that
Check out the deals inside
Looking to ride out the summer in style this year? Lexus Manila has a couple of deals you may be interested in.The Japanese luxury car brand is making several of its offerings easier to own this year with low down payments
This is now the most affordable variant in the IS stable
Lexus Philippines treated us to the launch of the refreshed IS back in November. Now, it is expanding the roster further with the introduction of a second hybrid variant: the IS300h.The new IS300h is priced at P2,978,000, and slots
This is a one-of-one pair and will not be sold anywhere
A few weeks back, Lexus showed us its absolutely bonkers IS350 F Sport gaming rig. Now, it's got yet another IS-based creation: these IS350 sneakers. Not as outrageous as the gaming setup, yes, but it's just as interesting.This
472hp, 535Nm, and 0-100kph in 4.5sec
Rejoice, Lexus fans. The Japanese marque has launched its new F Sport Performance line and the first model under it: The all-new V8-powered IS500 F Sport Performance.If you're one of those people who've always felt like the
A bit much?
Any gamers here? Chances are you've heard of a little handheld device called the Nintendo Switch. It sort of took the world by storm when it came out a couple of years ago with a simple premise: Gaming on the go.
It’s where design and comfort intersect
When Lexus Philippines supervisor Jade Sison offered me the UX crossover for a test drive, I did an unusual thing: I asked what color the demo car was-something I rarely do in our line of work. You see, I'm going
This will be the first model launched under the company’s new brand vision
This... is Lexus' new concept car. Frankly, we're not that sure what to make of it.Is it a coupe? Is it a crossover? Heck, we can't even say for certain which end of the car this is. That does
In the market for a new Lexus?
Lexus Philippines isn't just celebrating its 12th anniversary this month-it's also rolling out its 'New Year, New Drive' promo to start out the year.Until January 31, 2021, Lexus Philippines is offering zero-interest installment plans on select vehicles,
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