Now known simply as the NX
At the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, Lexus displayed an otherworldly crossover SUV called the LF-NX. If you thought it looked extraterrestrial in photos, it did even more so in the metal. Trust us...we saw it up close at the
Based on LF-NX concept
Lexus is reportedly joining the premium midsize crossover segment with the revelation of its NX crossover at the Beijing Motor Show in April.According to Toyota's luxury brand, the NX is a production-ready model based on the LF-NX concept
If Darth Vader were a car, he\'d be this
We\'ve all seen the Lexus LF-NX concept in photos, so we all already know that it looks radical (and that\'s putting it mildly). But I assure you that photos do not do justice to the otherworldliness of this concept
To be displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show
Lexus joins the parade of automotive companies that have been revealing their main attractions for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. In the case of the Japanese luxury carmaker, it\'s a radical take on the midsize crossover vehicle, powered by a new
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