Here’s the freshly updated electric-powered model
Remember the speculations last year that the MG ZS EV could be making its way to our market? That hasn't happened so far, but the latest update we have for you is that MG's electric-powered subcompact crossover has been
The new 1.3-liter three-cylinder turbopetrol produces 160hp and 230Nm
This is it-the 2022 MG ZS is here. As expected, the refreshed version of MG Philippines' popular subcompact crossover has arrived, and it lands in our market bearing new looks, updated tech, and a new turbocharged powertrain. Let's take a
The new engine produces 154hp and 230Nm and is mated to a six-speed auto
MG Philippines is making some big changes to its lineup next week: The company has confirmed that it will be launching a new turbocharged vehicle to its lineup. No other details were provided, but by the looks of the invite, we're
Maybe there’ll be a streaming feature, too...
Hands up, who's spent many an hour sat on a games console over the past 18 months? Yup, us, too. You know, lockdown and all. It'd be a shame to see all that, ahem, training, go to waste, would it
We wonder when an update will arrive here
The MG ZS has been one of the bigger surprises in the local auto market the past couple of years. Not only did the model help its Chinese carmaker gain a foothold in the Philippines when it arrived in 2018, but it'
This compact sedan has just been unveiled in China
MG has really been stepping up its game as of late. Following the launch of the all-new MG 5 last year, it now unveils yet another stylish sedan: the new MG 6 Pro.Details are still scarce, and it's quite
World’s sexiest car?
Trying to find love online? If you're looking to increase your chances of finding a match on a dating app, you may want to consider buying a Tesla.A recent study by found that featuring a Tesla in
Take your pick
So, it's been half a year of 'new normal' motoring now. Bad news? The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't seem like it'll be winding down any time soon. The good? Well, it's improved enough to at least be able
It’s smaller than we initially thought, though
If you dug the MG Cyberster renders released by the British car manufacturer last week, you're going to love what the concept looks like in the metal. The company has finally released actual images of the vehicle ahead of its official
That rear, though
Range is easily the biggest question mark when it comes to contemporary electric cars. After all, you don't want to spend a small fortune on something that looks good and feels good to drive, but can only take you as far
Is it still one of the best bang-for-the-buck compact SUVs in the market?
There is one model in MG's local lineup, though, that has been overshadowed a bit by the ZS's success: the RX5. I understand that at this point, the compact SUV is a few years old already, but it still looks
We’re going with slightly different segments this time
Ultimately, the decision on what car to buy comes down to price. Forget fancy features, mind-boggling performance, and segment preferences: If something's out-of-budget, it's usually out of the question-lest you end up financially handicapped for the
Will we ever catch up?
We hate to sound like a broken record, but electric vehicles (EV) should really be a thing here in the Philippines. This isn't just because of the usual environmental concerns, but because we're missing out on a ton of awesome
It just received a substantial facelift in Thailand
As impressive as MG Philippines' performance has been in our market since its resurgence a few years back, there's still one thing that's missing from its stable: a pickup. It'll have the midsize SUV segment covered once the RX8
Another one
MG Philippines continues its expansion under the new normal with yet another dealership opening. This time, it's down south in General Santos City.As of now, the facility is temporarily situated in Barangay City Heights, General Santos City. Soon, though, it
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