Do you think this has a place in our market?
No, this isn't a late April Fools' prank. This, ladies and gents, is the new Nissan Patrol Nismo, and it has just been unveiled in the Middle East.This is based on the refreshed Patrol-the one that isn't in
This is Nissan’s first dealership in the province
Fresh off the launch of the new Navara, Nissan Philippines is now opening a new dealership in Tuguegarao City. This is the first Nissan dealership in the province of Cagayan and the second new facility that the company has opened this month.
In case you were wondering
As far as updates are concerned, the one the Nissan Navara recently underwent is relatively substantial. Just looking at the vehicle, it's apparent that the Japanese car manufacturer made it a point to truly spruce up its truck's aesthetic.That
Definitely an underrated option
The Nissan Almera isn't a vehicle you would normally picture as a police car. As a Grab or a daily driver? Sure. But for laying down the law? Not exactly.But why not? Frankly, exciting highway police chases aren't really
We wish this was available here
The Nissan Elgrand's Nismo version is nice, but it's not exactly something we see ourselves enjoying here in the Philippine setting. This, on the other hand? We definitely wouldn't mind stealing glances behind this thing's wheel on EDSA
A little extra assurance never hurt
If the Nissan Navara's new look and upgrades aren't enough to get you to consider the pickup, maybe this news will: The Japanese carmaker is throwing in a free five-year warranty with every purchase of the truck.This essentially
For when we can go out again
When was the last time you were able to get behind the wheel and drive for hours on an open road? It has been a year since we've stopped going out recklessly without a plan or a face mask, and with
It’s becoming an issue in Japan
Anyone here planning on quitting driving in their senior years? Yeah, we thought so. Sure, some of us can hire a driver to ferry us around town, but not everyone has that luxury. For many, driving is going to be the main
Planning to visit?
In August 2020, Nissan Philippines (NPI) was one of the first car brands to begin focusing on online sales by opening its own virtual showroom. If you haven't yet, you should check it out as it's the safest and most
Check out the rest of the deals inside
Failed to take advantage of Nissan's 'Big Buys, Big Savings' deals last time around? Well, here's some good news: The Japanese carmaker is extending the promo until the end of March, meaning you still have time to avail of huge
We get to drive it to Ilocos Norte before its official PH launch
So, midsize-pickup buyers, are you experiencing choice paralysis yet? Updated and new Ford Ranger variants, a complete redo of the Isuzu D-Max, and now, a facelifted Nissan Navara-there's a lot of new metal to choose from. And that'
Truck Wars 2.0 officially begins
In 2015, then Nissan Philippines president Toti Zara made a bold announcement when the Japanese carmaker launched the current generation of the Navara. "Let the truck wars begin!" was his battle cry.It was a daring challenge to the Navara's competitors
Another redesigned pickup has arrived in our market
It's like the second coming of the truck wars. Over the past year, Toyota has refreshed the Hilux, Ford has updated the Ranger, and Isuzu has overhauled the D-Max. Now, Nissan Philippines has brought in the refreshed Navara.The Japanese
Wouldn’t that be a good transport alternative for a congested city like ours?
It looks like the future will be both electric and compact for Japanese carmakers.Toyota recently unveiled its ultra-compact two-seater BEV, while Daihatsu announced that it will be electrifying one of its quirky SUVs. Now, it appears Nissan and Mitsubishi
See how the famed badge has evolved throughout the decades
The Nissan logo has seen a number of iterations over the carmaker's storied existence. And now, as it enters a new era carrying its redesigned badge, Nissan takes us on a trip down memory lane to look at how its distinguished
Too much?
You don't need to do much to make a vehicle like the Nissan GT-R stand out. It's that impressive to look at. Some people, though, can't help but splash on a fresh coat of paint or play around
It was an “all-terrain vehicle with cargo space,” Nissan said
Well, this is the versatile 1987 Nissan Judo concept, which took a chop to the motor show-going public's hearts in Tokyo of that same year. Apparently, no one told Nissan that judo means 'the way of gentleness,' because this car
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