The highest recognition Nissan PH gives to its partners
It's been a good rebound year so far for Nissan Philippines (NPI), with the brand having launched four models in the Navara, Leaf, Terra, and Almera. Now, the carmaker is recognizing its partners who have played huge roles in NPI's
Think the local lineup needs an update?
Most local buyers consider the Toyota Hiace the top-of-mind choice in the country's van segment. It's an understandable mindset when you take into account that a lot of people think the same way about the brand in general.
How does Nissan’s new subcompact sedan fare against its rivals?
Nissan Philippines recently revitalized its subcompact sedan offering, the Almera, by bringing in the all-new model to our market.The next-gen Almera arrives with improved looks, a new powertrain, and a reasonable price tag. It's got its work cut
The rise of the machines?
There's no feeling quite like owning a car that you know was worked on by the best of the best by hand. Simply put, you just can't replicate the personal touch of someone who cares about their work.Or can
It’s easily one of the most stylish subcompact sedans right now
It sure is. Nissan has taken the Almera's design to new heights with this all-new model, and it's become one of the more handsome offerings in its segment right now.Very well, but there's a bit to take
That’s a few hundred thousand kilometers more than a trip to the moon and back
The Patrol is arguably one of Nissan's most legendary SUVs. For seven decades since its introduction, it has proven itself as one of the toughest 4x4s ever built. And in case you need more proof of that, have a look at
Nissan and Autech have just turned the Note into a legit crossover
Nearly a year after introducing the all-new Note that exclusively comes with an e-Power setup, Nissan has now unveiled the model in crossover form.This is basically still the same Note with the same electric 4WD system, only it rides
The subcompact sedan now comes with Nissan Intelligent Mobility features
Nissan Philippines (NPI) is on a roll this year. After launching the refreshed Navara, the Leaf, and most recently, the new Terra, the carmaker has now officially introduced the all-new Almera."The all-new Almera is the smart and stylish sedan
This won’t be the last car-inspired NFT, we think
The NFT game-that's a non-fungible token for the less tech-savvy of you bunch-can be a little hard to follow if you're only just now hearing about it. Basically, it's digital art you can buy and
It can do up to 25.6km/L
Nissan's e-Power technology is making its way to more and more models in its lineup. After the Kicks in Thailand and the Note in Japan, the latest vehicle to get the treatment is the Sylphy over in China.You may
Mark your calendars
It's official: The all-new Nissan Almera is being launched in the local market on October 8, 2021.This confirmation comes just a week after teaser material for the subcompact sedan began making rounds on social media, and Nissan Philippines has
Along with the newly renamed Interstar and Primastar
Nissan just revamped its light commercial vehicle (LCV) lineup in Europe, and we're starting to think the carmaker should consider doing the same in our market. You may recall that we once floated the idea when the new NV300 came out.
As well as to cut costs
The global auto industry is a very competitive one-at times, even cut-throat. It isn't uncommon, though, to see rivals teaming up in order to address a common concern.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, some of Japan's
Think these add-ons would look good on the Navara?
The Nissan Navara is already one of the most capable-looking pickups in the market. Still, there's always room for improvement in this department, and we think the brand could do well to introduce Nismo's latest off-road parts to
The brand is in it for the long haul
In May this year, Nissan introduced the Leaf electric hatchback to the Philippine market. The debut was a long time coming, as it was one held off for quite a while because of the COVID-19 pandemic.When it finally arrived, the
Can the all-new Isuzu now compete with other midsize SUVs in its segment?
It's only been a few weeks since our last spec-sheet comparo, but we're already back with another one. And this time, we have four midsize SUVs to pit against each other-including the all-new Isuzu MU-X.We'
We could be seeing the arrival of the new 1.0-liter turbocharged engine, too
Fresh off the launch of the new Terra, Nissan Philippines is already looking to bring in yet another new model in our market.The carmaker has just released a series of videos on social media, and it shows snippets of a "next-
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