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It’s shaping up to be a real contender
The Nissan Terra has been in our market for almost a year now. While we don't have any concrete sales figures to back up our claim, we're going to ahead and say that it's doing pretty well for Nissan
Enter special-edition variants of popular models
Have you always thought about how new cars in the market are too tame? Pickups, for example. Sure, they're rugged and can sometimes be intimidating on the road, but are they missing that extra oomph you're looking for? A quick
March was a huge month
Nissan Philippines continues its rise up the local automotive industry's totem pole.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced that it has closed the last fiscal year with an impressive 58.5% growth in March 2019. Nissan, now third sales-wise among
Digging this sedan?
Nissan has revealed the all-new Sylphy at Auto Shanghai 2019, and we're already hoping this car makes it to our shores. Not only does it look sleeker, it's also smarter, plusher, and supposedly more efficient and better to drive,
Big shoes to fill
In 2018, Nissan Philippines grew its sales by a whopping 40%. A lot of that success is thanks to its new entry into the midsize SUV segment, the Terra, and its ever-popular truck the Navara (which made up almost half of
Worth it?
The Almera, Nissan's spacious subcompact-sedan offering, is now available in a more energetic N-Sport package. The company announced the new variant earlier today, and it's pretty damn affordable starting at P735,000.So, what do you get for
This time capsule is for sale
A 1984 Nissan 300ZX. Not just any 1984 Nissan 300ZX, but a 300ZX Turbo. Specifically, the 3.0-liter V6 turbo. In '50th Anniversary Edition' specification.This particular one is up for auction at RM Sotheby's Essen sale-it's part
Car shopping should be an event
Shopping for a car should be a pleasant experience, right? Which is why Nissan, being committed to providing customers with excellent service and support, has upgraded its Cabanatuan dealership with the brand's global retail visual identity, the Nissan Retail Concept (NRC)."
Welcome to the PH, Atsushi Najima!
There's a new sheriff in town. According to the press release, Nissan has announced the appointment of Atsushi Najima as the new president and managing director for Nissan Philippines, effective April 01, 2019. Atsushi will report to Vincent Wijnen, senior vice
Midsize mash-up
The midsize SUV class is on the verge of yet another heated war, thanks to some new models and variants entering the scene. In this battle, we look at two of the segment's top contenders in their family-friendly, top-2WD-
Need your truck to look tougher?
Nissan Philippines has just released a rugged new accessory package for the Navara, and it's undoubtedly the truck's toughest look yet.The N-Warrior is the Japanese carmaker's pickup with a significant amount of toughness added to its exterior.
Is it primed to take on the segment?
It really shouldn't come as any surprise that Nissan Philippines brought in the Terra. The Japanese carmaker already had competitive offerings in several key segments, but it was missing a midsize SUV that could take on the likes of the Toyota
It was inevitable
When we attended the launch of the all-new Nissan Leaf in Japan back in 2017, at the back of our minds we wondered why we were flown all the way there to witness the introduction of a model that wasn't
Better safe than sorry
Still haven't had your Nissan's airbags checked? You probably should. Nissan Philippines is again calling on owners of select models to bring their units in for preventive maintenance. And yes, this is still stemming from the Takata fiasco a few
The midsize SUV war is heating up
I attend test-drive events all around the world, but there is indeed something special about getting to know a vehicle on the roads that we call home. How a vehicle behaves on our less-than-perfect highways gives us a good
Take a look at both models’ commuter variants
When it comes to vans, we think the more seats, the merrier. There's nothing quite like having the entire gang or family along for a long road trip. And if your barkada is composed of at least a dozen individuals, chances
The limited-edition variant also comes with a black interior
Day one of the 'Go Anywhere Nissan Terra Drive Bicol' event ended at a campsite with a perfect view of Mount Mayon. Nissan Philippines had set up an outdoor lounge, complete with low tables, massive lounging pillows, a dining area, and a
Will it prevail?
Is it just me, or do cars just keep getting bigger? No, I don't mean that Hyundai Eons are suddenly challenging vertical-clearance bars in parking lots. What I mean is that the market is constantly seeing new bang-for-buck
You guys really love this truck
Nissan Philippines had one hell of a year in 2018. Last year, the Japanese carmaker sold a total of 34,952 vehicles-a 40% growth from the year prior and enough to give the brand an 8.7% market share. All this
It’s in Cainta
Cainta residents are in for a treat: Nissan Philippines has just opened its newest dealership along Sumulong Highway, and it's one of the Japanese carmaker's nicest showrooms in the country.The new establishment-located along Sumulong Highway, San Isidro, Cainta,
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