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A recent speech from Nissan Philippines’ president suggests so
Which of these subcompact crossovers offers the best value for money?
The subcompact-crossover segment is arguably one of the most loaded segments in the market right now. A lot of customers-first-time buyers or otherwise-are now looking to these vehicles for their next purchases because of their near-SUV size
All pumped up
I've been tootling around in the new Kicks for a week now, eco-running here and there, sitting in traffic a few times, and occasionally gunning it just to feel that sweet, sweet electric torque. And all I can think of
One can dream, right?
It could be said that the Nissan Kicks e-Power is one of the most significant models to come out here this year. Not only does it serve as Nissan's baby crossover in the local lineup, it's been making a
Time to visit the casa
Is your car due for an oil change? Well, if you own a Nissan, you're in luck.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced that it is offering a 40% discount (or as low as P3,500) on oil changes for Nissan
Should it make a comeback here?
The Nissan Serena may be a van that many don't remember, but it's still a popular nameplate in Japan and our neighboring countries. And with more people looking at seven-seaters these days, we're wondering if
Prices are out too
The last time we wrote about the Nissan NV350 Urvan, we spoke about the new Mitsubishi-sourced 4N16 engine now used for the Japan-spec model. Now, we have an update on the popular van as it seems that it has been
NPI has partnered with more institutions and government agencies
Nissan Philippines (NPI) got busy at this year's Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit. In addition to launching the updated Leaf, NPI has now renewed its commitment to pushing EVs further in our market with its reinforced Blue Switch initiative.Launched earlier in
No mechanical changes for this EV either
Back in April, Nissan introduced some aesthetic tweaks to the Leaf, giving it flashy new wheels and a few tech enhancements here and there. Now, just about half a year later these upgrades have made it to our market. At the 2022
The Alliance at work once again
It's been a while since the local-spec Nissan Urvan received an update. This isn't the case in Japan, however, where the model continues to get goodies well into its life cycle.The latest upgrade the Nissan NV350 has received
Not many surprises here
Well, we're three quarters into 2022 now. With just one quarter left, we now have a somewhat clear picture of what the local auto industry's year-end sales rankings should look like.Based on data provided by the Chamber of
Teaching an old dog new tricks
The pickup-truck market is an anachronism. Buoyed by commercial utility tax breaks, these supposedly rugged vehicles offer more power and luxury than crossovers for less money. But they're usually less refined as well.That said, Nissan has had a good
Yet another seven-seater MPV has arrived in our market
Nissan Philippines (NPI) has just launched the Livina in our market, adding yet another item to the continually growing list of affordable seven-seaters in our market.What exactly does this Mitsubishi Xpander twin have to offer? We know you're all
This or the Mitsubishi Xpander?
Another seven-seater has joined the local subcompact MPV segment. This time, it comes courtesy of Nissan with the all-new Livina.While the model itself is a 'new' introduction to the local market, many of you will perhaps notice this vehicle'
Another seven-seater MPV is set to enter the fray
The all-new Nissan Livina was spotted on local roads earlier this month, suggesting that a local launch could be happening soon. Well, we now have the confirmation we were looking for.Nissan Philippines (NPI) has just sent an invite for the
The app allows customers to book maintenance and repair services, among others
Nissan customers, check this out: Nissan Philippines (NPI) has launched the new Nissan Assist, an all-in-one mobile app that caters to both owners and non-owners of Nissan vehicles.Nissan Assist allows non-owners to read up on the vehicles
Check out our walkaround of Nissan’s newest local offering
Most of the fuss surrounding the local release of the 2023 Nissan Kicks has to do with what's under the hood. It runs on the brand's new e-Power powertrain, which could be a godsend for Filipinos who are particular
More exciting than the marketing materials would lead you to believe
How far is the break-in period for a car? It depends on who you ask. Some place the figure as low as 300km to 500km, while others estimate you shouldn't run your car hard for at least a few thousand.
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