Should you cancel that Bentayga order?
New Range Rovers have never been cheap, but this Carmel Edition might be wading into some seriously deep water in that regard.As you might expect from a) Land Rover's SV Bespoke division and b) a luxury car limited to just
Hyundai has also unveiled its Avanza- and Xpander-fighting MPV, the Stargazer
Make way for Land Rover’s crown jewel
Rolls-Royce and Bentley may have luxury SUVs of their own, but none is more linked to royalty more than the Range Rover. Nine months after its global premiere, the newest iteration of Land Rover's crown jewel has landed in the
There's an all-new Range Rover in town, but is it fit for the Crown?
On the weekend Her Majesty The Queen turned 96 years old, she was photographed touring her Sandringham estate not in a horse-drawn golden carriage or her custom Bentley limousine, but in a Range Rover. The Queen has had tens of Landies
Does it succeed?
The Range Rover is one of those vanishingly rare cars that defies the industry's traditional product cycle. The current model arrived in 2012, and even in these unpredictable times, it's still hitting the spot with its high-end client base.
Not for the faint of heart
Got your new fifth-generation Range Rover on order and wondering how to personalize it once it arrives? German tuner Manhart has some thoughts-this is the Manhart Vogue RV 650.Enough gold for you? Manhart says that it'll paint your
Do you agree?
The Festival Automobile International is back with its annual Most Beautiful Car awards. Through this program, the organization recognizes the "most beautiful and cutting-edge automotive projects" from the past year.Bagging the trophy for the Most Beautiful Car in 2022 is
Not for those prone to choice paralysis
There's a new Range Rover SV coming from JLR's Special Vehicle Operations this year, and the list of exquisite, luxurious, I-didn't-know-that-was-a-word-but-it-sounds-fancy options is really quite long.In fact, the
Here’s a handy cheat sheet
The amount of power offered by the biggest, fattest new engine on offer in the new Range Rover. It's a 4.4-liter V8, and comes via the medium of BMW, here badged as a P530. As fitted in the range-
We’re not surprised
With over 50 years under its belt, the Range Rover name is one that's had plenty of practice catering to Land Rover's clientele. It's no surprise, really, that the model remains arguably the most renowned offering in a continuously
The entire thing will be unveiled later this month
We're not quite sure how much you'll be able to decipher from the image above, but that blurry thing there is the brand new, fifth-generation Range Rover. Yep, exciting stuff.Land Rover will pull the wraps off (and sort
Another awesome car was sent to the scrap heap for the sake of entertainment. Utterly disgusting.Just kidding. We absolutely love it when production opts to crash real cars instead of computer-generated ones (looking at you, Fast and Furious). We hate
Think the Defender has a shot at driving on another planet?
Sir Richard Branson may be a billionaire and all, but he did take quite the risk flying into space on board Virgin Galactic's 'Unity 22' mission. Leaving our atmosphere is still kind of dangerous territory. Judging by Branson's past endeavors,
It won’t be supplanted by the Defender 90 just yet
That's the question, isn't it? The Evoque is the smallest, most affordable route into Range Rover ownership, but it would never have sold in anything like the galactically enormous numbers it's shifted in unless it was a proper looker.
Welcome to what could well be the poshest Land Rovers ever-the new SVAutobiography and SVAutobiography Dynamic Ultimate Editions.Hand-finished by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division, the Ultimate Editions are supposed to "represent the pinnacle of Land Rover'
It took a team of over 50 to build this
Behold! This is easily one of the most impressive Range Rover builds you'll come across on the internet. Except instead of a smorgasbord of off-road upgrades or an over-the-top interior, this one gets...Tesla-fied.Alright, alright. It'
Complete with all the modern tech
You'll be aware of Lunaz by now. The Silverstone-based company is in the business of electrifying hyper-luxury classic cars and has already unveiled its takes on the Jaguar XK120, the original Bentley Continental, and the majestic Rolls-Royce Phantom
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