About 84.000 vehicles used SLEX, Skyway, and STAR Tollway from 6am to 2pm today
The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Skyway, and even the STAR Tollway were the talks of the town this morning, and for all the wrong reasons. Due to what was supposedly an Autosweep RFID system failure, the southern tollways were marred by insanely
There now appears to be some overlap between proposals from SMC and MPTC, though
Did you miss the news? There's a new expressway connecting Cavite to Batangas that's in the works. The provincial government of Cavite has reportedly accepted San Miguel Corporation's (SMC) proposal to build the new tollway, the company said in
There are now visible structures in the area
It was two months ago when we last checked up on the ongoing construction of the South Luzon Expressway Toll Road 4 (SLEX-TR4). It seems a lot of progress has been made since.Based on recent drone photos shared by Pinoy
This should come as good news for the local automotive industry
San Miguel Corporation's (SMC) involvement in transport isn't just limited to roads, trains, and vehicle distributorship anymore-the company is now set to invest big in a plant that will manufacture batteries for electric vehicles.Dinagat Islands governor Nilo Demerey
Once complete, this expressway segment will extend all the way to Lucena, Quezon
There are a few ongoing infrastructure projects that we're looking forward to seeing completed-one of which is the South Luzon Expressway Toll Road 4 (SLEX-TR4).This particular segment will connect the existing SLEX road network from Santo Tomas in
He remains confident it will push through
The San Miguel Corporation (SMC) Aerocity project ran into a hitch recently, after President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. vetoed the bill establishing the special economic zone in Bulacan. SMC boss Ramon S. Ang remains confident, though, that the vision will push through.In
Are you looking forward to this?
No, the San Miguel Corporation's (SMC) international airport and aerocity development in Bulacan is not in any danger of being discontinued. This, despite President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. recently vetoing the measure establishing the special economic zone and freeport.According to Malacañ
The Northern Access Link Expressway will stretch all the way to Tarlac
The Southern Access Link Expressway (SALEX) isn't the only new road that's set to connect to the New Manila International Airport (NMIA). Also set to rise in the area in the future is the Northern Access Link Expressway (NALEX).The
SALEX has a nice ring to it
NLEX, SCTEX, CALAX, NAIAX-frankly, we wouldn't blame you if you're already having trouble memorizing all the abbreviated expressways here in Luzon. There are just so many of them already. And soon, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and San Miguel
The company reiterates its commitment to leading nation-building
In terms of infrastructure projects, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) currently has a lot going for it right now. We mean a lot.There's the MRT-7 project, which has seen significant progress over the past few months. There's also the
The facility will be able to accommodate up to 150 train cars in total
Things may have been a bit quiet regarding the construction of the MRT-7, but it appears San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is making significant progress with the massive railway project.SMC has now announced that it has begun building the new MRT-
Let’s hope these images aren’t too good to be true
Look, we love Metro Manila, but it isn't exactly a stinging beacon of what a modern city is supposed to be. It's congested, polluted, and a major pain in the ass to navigate-all qualities the San Miguel Corporation (SMC)
SMC was cited for its “continuous and sincere efforts” to help its employees
San Miguel Corporation (SMC), the company that distributes BMW cars and motorcycles and operates a few major tollways, has just received special recognition from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).SMC has officially hired and regularized about 25,000 workers from
Be sure you have your tags and accounts ready before then
Off on a long drive with the family this Holy Week? If you're going to pass through Autosweep-powered expressways, take note of this important advisory.On Maundy Thursday, April 14, all Autosweep RFID Stations will only be operational from 6am
Here’s something that could help a lot of confused motorists
It's been a while since the government and tollway operators first pushed expressway users to make the switch to RFIDs. But judging by the long queues we still see at toll plazas, it appears there's still a lot of reluctance
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